Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April Snowman BOM

April Snowman BOM
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This is the block that I made for the snowman quilt which is the BOM for another redwork list that I belong to. The fabric on the left will be the sashing for the quilt. I'm doing the designs on this blue, peach & gold marble-like fabric and in Southwestern thread colors because I intend to gift this quilt to my sister-in-law who loves & collects snowmen.

The thread color for the snowmen is DMC #807 and then I'm using a couple shades of peachy beige & a light rust for each snowman's monthly accessories. The designs are all about 6" tall. I sort of wish I'd done his ears in the two peach tones, but I don't think, at this point, I want to take it all out and re-embroider the ears.

The fabrics are from my stash and were originally bought, along with a couple others at a lovely quilt shop in Sedona, Arizona.

Isn't it amazing when that happens? I had the designs all printed off for this group's project and remembered my Miriam loves snowmen. Then the fabrics just sort of leaped off my shelf & begged to be included!

Miriam doesn't do handwork at all but seems to really appreciate what I do. In fact she and my brother have the Southwestern CQ pillow I made them propped up on a pedestal in their home - rather like a work of art! I think perhaps though where they have it displayed has more to do with protecting it from their 2 resident cats than how much they revere the pillow!

I don't have that Southwestern CQ pillow posted at Flickr, but it's probably in my cq albums at My user name there is lasassone if you want to browse more pictures.

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