Sunday, September 24, 2006

10 Down 2 To Go!

October Snowman
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I've finished September and October's Southwestern Snowmen blocks. I'm working on November now. I'm making good headway on all of my embroidery projects now that the Fall TV season has started. I cannot just sit & watch - I have to be doing some kind of needlework with my hands!

During the day I'm struggling to figure out an arrangement of the Fireman/Dalmation quilt blocks that I have done for my grandson, Josh's quilt. It's really hard when you do something without a pattern. Sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture to go by. I have 8 redwork blocks and several blocks I have cut from a Dalmation FireHouse Dog panel I found at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. At present I am bordering the redwork blocks with red fabric and the fill in areas will be a black and white dog paw print fabric. I have black & white Dalmation spot fabric for the back of the quilt.

As soon as I have something to show, you'll see it! Now back to "the puzzle!"

Stitch on!

September Snowman ala Southwest

September Snowman ala Southwest
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Chicken Birthday Pillow

Chicken Pillow
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Whew! I actually managed to finish the Birthday pillows in time to mail them off to my "mountain people" yesterday. My eldest daughter and her husband share the same birthday - 9/17 and I really wanted them to arrive in time.

My daughter raised chickens in their former home and when I saw this redwork pattern AND the Daisy Kingdom fabric in my stash, I knew I had to make something for her. I believe the redwork design is vintage. I found it in my Farm binder of downloaded patterns.

If you click on the picture, you can see the back of the pillow which is a print that looks like chicken wire and also you can see the computer generated, Epson printed label I made for the pillow.

Below you'll see a picture of the pillow I made for Ray in the memory of our granddog, Scout, his hunting dog who passed away earlier this year. Scout was just a pup when he moved with them to the mountains 10 yrs ago and he was a great dog. A bit of a scamp, he was loved by all the family, but most fondly I think by my husband. When Scout woud get in trouble and the kids would say they should find him a new home, my dh always volunteered to take him. He loved my dh a lot as well I think. Whenever we visited, Scout with start out sitting with his nose in G's lap and before you know it, the dog would be in his lap! Twas a funny site to see. We miss Scout a lot!

I made both pillows to cover one of of the 16" x 20" travel pillow forms that you can get at Jo-Ann's fabric stores. The chicken pillow has a flange stitched around the 4 sides instead of piping. I hate doing piping and this way I can get a snug fit for the removeable cover. On Ray's pillow I just did flanges on the side because of a piecing problem, but when all was said and done, I really LIKE the look, so might do that again sometime with a pillow.

Next up? #2 grandson's Fireman/Dalmation quilt. I have already done the 8 redwork blocks and have some printed panel pictures of the dogs cut out. I'm having a huge problem finding an mixture/arrangement that is pleasing and a nice size. I'll be playing with that for the next day or so.

Stitch On!

In Memory of Scout

Dog Pillow
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If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Flickr photo album where you can also see the back of the pillow and the computer generated, Epson printed label I attached.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 - 5 years later

God Bless Redwork
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I can't believe sometimes that it's been 5 years since this awful day in 2001. I spent yesterday remembering most of the day. However I was also gone from home most of the day. I spent the day with 2 friends helping a 3rd friend with a long-delayed project for which she was very grateful. She served us lunch and said so many "thank yous" that we finally told her to hush! It was a good day to spend with friends doing something physical and worthwhile.

Almost 5 years ago I signed up to honor two of the World Trade Center victims by making a quilt block for the 9/11 Memory Quilt that would travel the country. At the time I promised their families that I would never forget them. So you will find their pictures below and yesterday I wore their faces on a special shirt I made in 2002. Everyone who asked was told about Ray & Jane and how they were loving and much-loved.

When I chose Jane it was because she was born the same year as I was, was a breast cancer survivor and was from Canada originally, as was my late father. I "spoke" with one of her sons in Canada by email.

Ray's face literally popped out at me one night on the Memorial site. I later traded emails with his sister-in-law. From her and also from published stories I found out what a loving son, husband, father and friend he was. Today, when I see his face, I still think of a story I heard about him playing Barbies on the floor with his daughters.

Their profiles and a guestbook are always available at

The Redwork design above was adapted with permission from Mary Graham's quilt site. It's based on a design that she did for a quilt square. The design is still available for anyone who wants to stitch it at:

Raymond J. Metz III

Raymond J. Metz III
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1964 - 9/11/01
World Trade Center

Jane S. Beatty

Jane S. Beatty
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1942 - 9/11/01
World Trade Center

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Other April Block
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I'm here - just been SUPER busy. Have been working on 2 b'day gifts for my eldest daughter and her dh who share a b'day. Almost done, so will post those pictures as soon as I can. One involves embroidery; they other has a photo printed on fabric.....

Here you see one of my CatchUp Blocks in the snowman BOM project I'm doing for my SIL. I guess this is supposed to be the April block - April Showers Bring May Flowers.... But I had done the Easter block for April, so this will be for March I guess - even though I'm not putting the month names on the blocks.

I know it doesn't rain much where they live in Arizona, but the snowman would melt if he got ANY rain on him, so he really NEEDS his umbrella!