Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May Block of the Month

May Block of the Month
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Finished for the BOM Challenge on the Redwork Stitchers group at Yahoo. I've always loved this design and have had it in my "library" for some time. The image reminds me of so many lovely quiet moments when my 3 daughters were small babies.

The printed fabric shown is what I will border this block with when I have all 12 monthly images done. I think I'll make a small lap or wall quilt with them.

Now back to working on my baggie challenge piece. I finally worked out how to get the tree on the hillside and have loads of hand stitching and SRE ahead of me today.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memory for Stash Sunday

Memory of Mum
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Going through some drawers today I found a small stack of embroidered pillowcases and I think this is one of the last sets my Mum embroidered, crocheted and gave to me. They are yellowed from storage as I have not wanted to use them. Even if I did we have king sized pillows now and these wouldn't fit as they are standard size.

The Stash Sunday group wanted a memory for today's posting. Right away I thought I MUST still have a set of her pillowcases somewhere, so I went on a hunt. Her crocheted edgings were usually her own unique design and very delicate.

I have some pairs of pillowcases to make for all 7 of my grandchildren when the time is right and they have a need. Unfortunately they are poly/cotton blend cases and not the nice 100% cotton ones Mum used to buy at the dimestore. I will soon have to start the first set as our eldest grand will be 18 next April.

I guess the grands will appreciate the poly/cotton blend since they don't have these for comparison. They may not have to iron theirs. However, I will try to remember to show them how to press the back of the embroidery over a terry towel to make it stand out! That was my first household chore Mum taught me when I was about 6 or so. The iron scared me a lot at first, but over the years I and my iron have bonded well!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bag Challenge Piece #1

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First, let me apologize for the quality of this picture. I am still using my old Sony (.7 pixels!) camera to post pictures. I love the camera and it's so easy to use since it takes pictures on floppy disks and it's way easier to just pop a disk in the drive and upload pictures. Soon I think I will have to start using my better Kodak camera for uploading but the need for connecting it to the computer via a USB cord just is one more thing for me to learn. I'm sure I'll become at ease with it, but it's that old dog-new tricks thing!

Well, this is the first of 4 window panes for a project I'm undertaking for the Baggie Challenge that Willa runs. It's got me wishing that I had undertaken a less ambitious project, but all 4 panes are pieced with the other gal's fabric, so I'm committed. Called "View to Spring", the window frame will be pieced with fabric - brown or beige moire maybe. If I was to do this for myself, I'd use a real window frame and just put the blocks in the frame - twould be a whole lot easier.

Some explanation=When i pieced the sun area I didn't make the seams curved, so the fly stitch lacework bit is supposed to give the illusion of a curve. I think it will when the whole piece is assembled.

So it's on now to the top right pane with more sky and a hilltop with a blooming tree. I hope I gain some momentum here because the deadline to mail this "thang" is 6/10 for me!

That's all for today.......Gotta get stitching!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Caffeine Deprivation?

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

Ok, obviously I'm procrastinating again. But I found this coffee thing on another blog - Eva's - and just HAD to see what kind of coffee I was!

LOL big time here because I LOVE FRAPPACINOS! Too early in the day for one though - I try to limit my Starbucks visits to the afternoon, relying on my home brew for my morning apres-walk caffeine fix.

I have a friend in Minnesota that I visit and last time I discovered a coffee blend at a coffee place next to their local quilt shop. It's called Drunken Uncle and I was SO hooked that I brought some home and my friend has even sent me some since. I eek it out and save it for only my Sunday cuppa. I love flavored coffee - daily I drink a Hazelnut blend.

Well, back to reading my bloglines and then I hope to finish up the first of 4 blocks for a project I'm working on for Willa's Baggie Challenge. Hopefully I can post a finished block picture later today!