Saturday, December 16, 2006

Late Breaking News!

I was about to run off to catch some zzzzz's before we leave at "oh-dark-hundred" for our trip to Texas, but I just had to post this picture of the Delta Crazy Stitchers, our local stitching group.

One of the members just sent it to me and I thought perhaps you might like to see what a jolly group we are. And some of us are smart too. Evidence? Sandy's camera took the picture and she's on the left in the photo.

SHE knows how to work the timer on her digital camera!

Andrea who made the ornament I received is in the back row with the long dark hair. I'm in front just to her left, also dressed in teal.

Bye-Bye till January!

Stitch On!

Merry Christmas & Good Bye for a time!

Exchange Ornament Side 1
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I am done packing and prepping for our long car trip to TX to spend Christmas with 2 of our 3 daughters in San Antonio. I can't wait to see the 5 of our 7 grands who await our arrival. It's been almost 2 years since we've seen any of them. They've gone way too long without my huggies!

So, I'll be taking some time off here on the blog, but will be back soon after the first of the new year because I'm going to be doing Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. I'll have to play catch up perhaps if I don't return by January 2nd when she begins.

Today our local stitching group, Delta Crazy Stitchers, had their Holiday Party & Ornament Exhange and I received the ornament you see here from Andrea Campbell who has been a member I think for 3 or 4 of our 5 years. She is an AMAZING stitcher and specializes in very small detailed things. This ornament is only 3-3/4" long! There are some very tiny beads on both sides, but what may look like beads to you might be her awesome teenie tiny french knots instead.

If you click on the picture and go to my flickr photos, there is also a picture of the equally stunning back of the ornament !

So, I wish you Merry & Meaningful December Holidays and loads of good thing in the New Year. I hope you are able to gather your loved ones close and make good memories in the last days of 2006.

For 2007 I only hope that I can somehow continue to stitch through our packing & preparations to move in the Spring. Here at the end of 2006 I am amazed to look back at all I have accomplished this year. In my webshots 2006 album I believe I saw that there are over 50 pictures of things I have finished throughout the year. And SOME of the Children of the World designs I did were never photographed! I'm amazed and hope I can continue on this roll.

P.S. I think my guru, Mary Francis, put a link on this blog for me that will take you to my webshots albums. Please come visit!

Stitch ON!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Table Runner
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Well, here's the table runner that I made for our Thanksgiving dinner hostess gift. Pam loved it and she was delighted with the partridges in the center squares as she collects partridges and she said it even matched the tablecloth she will use at Christmas. And no one even noticed any non-matching or missing points in my piecing. There wasn't a soul amongst the 13 family members in attendance that has ever cut up fabric and sewn it back together again.

I have to admit though that "sane" quilting just seemed SO plain to me. I wanted to add beads and stitch on those seams. Twas a big stretch on my part and I was so glad she loved it.

I have been SO bad about blogging - I've been posting pictures into my flicker photo account though, so if you click on this picture you can go see what I've been up to.

Oh, and also there's a picture of the back of my disgraceful exchange ornament too - no WAY was I gonna blog that!

I hereby seriously promise that I'm going to do better after the first of the new year with the blogging. I hope to at LEASE blog weekly. I'm going to try to keep up with Sharon B and her Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge. If I knew how to make that a link to her site I would - so sorry!

Ornament for Delta Crazy Stitcher's exchange

All year long I keep a fairly large piece of muslin on my sewing table onto which I have pencil-drawn some holiday shapes. As I come up with scraps during the year, I sew them onto the shapes. When a shape is done I stitch the seam embellishments and do any beading I want. then I cut it out & make the ornament.

This year I seem to be trying to prove that I can't sew in a circle! This turned out terribly lopsided, so, in order to disguise it a bit, I did a picot beaded edging around the whole finished ornament.

It was not my best effort I'm afraid and the beading isn't fooling anyone. But time is wasting away on me. We're leaving next Sunday to spend the Holidays with our daughters in TX and I'm in no way ready to go.

Saturday is our local group's Holiday party. This year we're having lunch at the local Olive Garden and then returning to one of the member's homes for dessert and our ornament exchange. We always have a grand time and, if I figured correctly, this is either our 4th or 5th Holiday party. Over that time we've fluxuated in membership, but it's a great inspiring group and our monthly meetings are my salvation!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to Crazyquilting!

Peach CQ#1
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So, here's the "before" of the 2nd piece I did and managed to keep it lighter or paler in comparison to my first attempt. Yes, I made the crocheted fan and also the trim. I hand dyed the flower motif with Ozcraft Dyes. This pillow will be a gift for my 2 daughter's & my friend, Sylvia.

In the winter I usually keep a ball of crochet cotton, a hook and my crochet books close by my chair when I watch television. I generally make the edgings only about 6" in length. I find that length very usable on cq work.

The image is on silk and I don't recall where it came from. I found it in my peach embellishment drawer. I plan to attach ruched silk ribbon over the oval after I baste it in place.

The green vine trim came from Vicki at Ribbonsmyth. I think it also comes in other colors. I need to find some pale gauzey ribbon so I can embellish it with sre buds like I did the same vine I used in my Window On Spring piece for Willa's Baggie challenge. If you've never seen that piece, click on the previous months links on the side of this blog. I'm not sure which month it was but it might be August. I wish I knew how to internally put a link to that day's post, but I'm such a beginner at this blogging stuff!

Stitch On!

Enough Redwork Already!

Peach CQ#2
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This is the BEFORE picture of one of the 2 pillow top pieces I'm working on right now. This is the darker toned one of the two and was my first attempt at a pale peach & green piece. It got a little dark, but I like it and decided to not trash it. Yes I crocheted the little basket and I also dyed the two motifs using Ozcraft Dyes which I LOVE!

I still need to get them tacked down and the basket needs some finish work, but I think these basics are pretty permanent in their location. I love the lady and have wanted to use her for sometime. I think she fits perfectly on this piece.

Stitch on!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BOM for October

BOM for October
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Last night I finished the October BOM block for the online group RedworkStitchers at

We began this BOM challenge in April, so soon I will have to work on the January design which I already have traced onto the fabric. Then February & March! But first I need to decide what to do for November, but it will probably involve a turkey somehow since here in the states we are looking at Thanksgiving on the 23rd.

This design for October came from an old magazine. I can't recall which one but I copied it when I was going through all my quilting magazines & getting rid of them. It was actually an applique pattern but applique patterns often make great embroidery patterns.

Looking back over this past year I find that I have produced a record (for me) amount of outline embroidery. I enjoy it so much and it's so portable. Soon I'm going to have to start focusing on Christmas gifts! One of my grands has a birthday the day after Christmas so there's that to think about too! I don't think she or her Mum read my blog, so it's probably safe to say that she will get a pillow that will be a prelude to her 1930's print scotty dog quilt that is in the works.

Meanwhile at our local CQ group's meeting last Saturday I worked on 2 more pillows that will be Christmas gifts. I won't say who one is for, but the other one is for my 2 daughters' mother-in-law. (2 of my girls are married to brothers!) Her name is Sylvia and she recently did G and I a huge favor, so I have pieced another travel pillow top in the colors of her bedroom. It's very pastel and definitely outside my comfort zone, although lately I'm more comfortable with the muted tones than I have been in the past.

Maybe later I'll post some "before" pictures of the two pieces. Sometimes it's helpful to see them up on the computer screen before I start embellishing. I'm almost done tacking on the basics.

Time for more coffee!

Stitch on!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Guess How Much I Love You" blocks DONE!

I have finally finished the last 3 blocks for the Guess How Much I Love You baby quilt. If you click on the photo, you can see the other two blocks I stitched in my flickr photos. I did these designs on a yellow Kona Cotton and used DMC#793 for the stitching. If you would like to see blocks 1 through 7, they are in my Redwork album at my webshots site which is:

I began this project a few years ago when my daughter decorated her first expected child's nursery with a cute crib set in this theme. She had the very popular book and sent me some of the pictures (7) because I thought they'd be cute to embroidery. Meanwhile a couple years ago JoAnn Fabrics brought in a line of fabrics with this theme and I will use that for the sashing & border.

After the first 7 blocks I couldn't figure how to make a quilt top from them, so I borrowed the book from the library and found 3 more images to embroider.

That baby (Jack) is now 5 and has a 2 yrs old sister, so I'm a bit slow. Guess this quilt will go into the Posterity drawer for a great grandchild because it looks like 7 grands is going to be our final total. The eldest is almost 18, so who knows when the "greats" will start arriving. I hope to live to see this quilt warm a new family babe!

Stitch on!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Josh's Pillow-Back

Josh's Pillow-Back
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Here's the back!

Josh's Pillow Finished!

Josh's Pillow-Front
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It seems I'm always working down to the wire on things, doesn't it?

This morning I finished my grandson's pillow and now I must dash off to the post office in hopes that this gift will arrive by Wednesday which is his 4th birthday.

Made to cover a travel pillow form that came from JoAnn Fabrics, this pillow is for Josh's room which has a fireman/dog theme. I have a quilt in the works, but to hold him over, I used one of the blocks for this pillow. I made a 2 inch flange all around because I thought a ruffle would be too girlie!

For the back I used the fabric from the sashing on the quilt that's not quite done yet. I used Publisher to print off the label on a Jacquard ink jet cotton fabric sheet and added a leftover small image from the quilt top.

The front fabrics are all Kona cottons and I can't remember where I got the image for this block. I seem to remember it was a fire dept. coloring book some place on the internet.

Now to finish that quilt!

Stitch on!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

All the Snowmen done!

December Snowman
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Well, now - here's the December block and all 12 blocks are done. Now the hard part for me = putting it together into a wallhanging! I always have problems with this final step because I am not a good decision maker. Ever since menopause my decision process has been flawed.

All along I have been showing a strip of the fabric I plan to use for sashing or maybe a border, but now I have to decide if I'm going to make this a simple project or, as my dh puts it, "get fancy".

Anyone have any suggestions?

Stitch on!

November Snowman

November Snowman
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11 down, 1 to go!'s done & picture follows!

September BOM done!

Back to School
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This is my September block for that redwork list's challenge. Such detail I don't want to do again anytime soon. Click on the picture to see the reason I did this block and a larger picture to boot!

Now I need to find something for October! But first ... I finished my SW Snowmen blocks and so I need to figure outo how I'm going to set them into a wallhanging for my sister-in-law. And then there's Josh's Fireman Dalmation Dog quilt top still not done.

Need more hours in the day, but I have to say since I started this blog I SEEM to be getting more things done. I also have a webshots album site. My user name is lasassone at and I have an album with all the things I've done in 2006. Today I think it said I had 44 pictures in there. I know I've never had 44 pictures in any of my yearly albums before, so I must be doing something right this year!

Stitch on!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

10 Down 2 To Go!

October Snowman
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I've finished September and October's Southwestern Snowmen blocks. I'm working on November now. I'm making good headway on all of my embroidery projects now that the Fall TV season has started. I cannot just sit & watch - I have to be doing some kind of needlework with my hands!

During the day I'm struggling to figure out an arrangement of the Fireman/Dalmation quilt blocks that I have done for my grandson, Josh's quilt. It's really hard when you do something without a pattern. Sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture to go by. I have 8 redwork blocks and several blocks I have cut from a Dalmation FireHouse Dog panel I found at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. At present I am bordering the redwork blocks with red fabric and the fill in areas will be a black and white dog paw print fabric. I have black & white Dalmation spot fabric for the back of the quilt.

As soon as I have something to show, you'll see it! Now back to "the puzzle!"

Stitch on!

September Snowman ala Southwest

September Snowman ala Southwest
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Chicken Birthday Pillow

Chicken Pillow
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Whew! I actually managed to finish the Birthday pillows in time to mail them off to my "mountain people" yesterday. My eldest daughter and her husband share the same birthday - 9/17 and I really wanted them to arrive in time.

My daughter raised chickens in their former home and when I saw this redwork pattern AND the Daisy Kingdom fabric in my stash, I knew I had to make something for her. I believe the redwork design is vintage. I found it in my Farm binder of downloaded patterns.

If you click on the picture, you can see the back of the pillow which is a print that looks like chicken wire and also you can see the computer generated, Epson printed label I made for the pillow.

Below you'll see a picture of the pillow I made for Ray in the memory of our granddog, Scout, his hunting dog who passed away earlier this year. Scout was just a pup when he moved with them to the mountains 10 yrs ago and he was a great dog. A bit of a scamp, he was loved by all the family, but most fondly I think by my husband. When Scout woud get in trouble and the kids would say they should find him a new home, my dh always volunteered to take him. He loved my dh a lot as well I think. Whenever we visited, Scout with start out sitting with his nose in G's lap and before you know it, the dog would be in his lap! Twas a funny site to see. We miss Scout a lot!

I made both pillows to cover one of of the 16" x 20" travel pillow forms that you can get at Jo-Ann's fabric stores. The chicken pillow has a flange stitched around the 4 sides instead of piping. I hate doing piping and this way I can get a snug fit for the removeable cover. On Ray's pillow I just did flanges on the side because of a piecing problem, but when all was said and done, I really LIKE the look, so might do that again sometime with a pillow.

Next up? #2 grandson's Fireman/Dalmation quilt. I have already done the 8 redwork blocks and have some printed panel pictures of the dogs cut out. I'm having a huge problem finding an mixture/arrangement that is pleasing and a nice size. I'll be playing with that for the next day or so.

Stitch On!

In Memory of Scout

Dog Pillow
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If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Flickr photo album where you can also see the back of the pillow and the computer generated, Epson printed label I attached.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 - 5 years later

God Bless Redwork
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I can't believe sometimes that it's been 5 years since this awful day in 2001. I spent yesterday remembering most of the day. However I was also gone from home most of the day. I spent the day with 2 friends helping a 3rd friend with a long-delayed project for which she was very grateful. She served us lunch and said so many "thank yous" that we finally told her to hush! It was a good day to spend with friends doing something physical and worthwhile.

Almost 5 years ago I signed up to honor two of the World Trade Center victims by making a quilt block for the 9/11 Memory Quilt that would travel the country. At the time I promised their families that I would never forget them. So you will find their pictures below and yesterday I wore their faces on a special shirt I made in 2002. Everyone who asked was told about Ray & Jane and how they were loving and much-loved.

When I chose Jane it was because she was born the same year as I was, was a breast cancer survivor and was from Canada originally, as was my late father. I "spoke" with one of her sons in Canada by email.

Ray's face literally popped out at me one night on the Memorial site. I later traded emails with his sister-in-law. From her and also from published stories I found out what a loving son, husband, father and friend he was. Today, when I see his face, I still think of a story I heard about him playing Barbies on the floor with his daughters.

Their profiles and a guestbook are always available at

The Redwork design above was adapted with permission from Mary Graham's quilt site. It's based on a design that she did for a quilt square. The design is still available for anyone who wants to stitch it at:

Raymond J. Metz III

Raymond J. Metz III
Originally uploaded by lasassone.
1964 - 9/11/01
World Trade Center

Jane S. Beatty

Jane S. Beatty
Originally uploaded by lasassone.
1942 - 9/11/01
World Trade Center

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Other April Block
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I'm here - just been SUPER busy. Have been working on 2 b'day gifts for my eldest daughter and her dh who share a b'day. Almost done, so will post those pictures as soon as I can. One involves embroidery; they other has a photo printed on fabric.....

Here you see one of my CatchUp Blocks in the snowman BOM project I'm doing for my SIL. I guess this is supposed to be the April block - April Showers Bring May Flowers.... But I had done the Easter block for April, so this will be for March I guess - even though I'm not putting the month names on the blocks.

I know it doesn't rain much where they live in Arizona, but the snowman would melt if he got ANY rain on him, so he really NEEDS his umbrella!


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marvelous Find!

Marvelous Find!
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I was so excited to find this crocheted mother of pearl button trim at an obscure little quilt shop on a recent trip to Nevada. Because it was $16 per yard, I just purchased one yard.

I have crocheted since I was a very young girl so I intend to see if I can figure out how to do something similar with the 100's of vintage mop buttons I have. The trim obviously is made with new 2-hole buttons and every other one is a flower shaped button.

The shop had a pretty patchwork jacket on display that had this trim applied to the bottom edge and it was very striking!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Anemone up close & personal

Close up & personal
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Again with the Monterey Bay Aquarium photos. Here we have a close up of a gorgeous white sea anemone. I am always amazed at how many lovely colors these come in. It is, though, very hard to get good pictures without a flash through the glass. In some of my pictures you WILL see a bit of reflection. Any white spots you see though are not flashes from the camera. I took all of these photos without the flash function turned on.

The kelp forest is huge and ever changing. I found the anchovy school fascinating to watch. They are constantly on the move and occasionally open their mouths as they swim to feed. They have little spot markings on their sides and it is believed that is how they stay with the school. They can see the spots and know they haven't left the safety of numbers. Larger fish will eat them quickly if they stray away from the ever changing shape of the school. Sardines which are larger also exist in this manner.

The otters are amazingly entertaining. I wish I had taken pictures when we first arrived because they were playing with toys on the surface. When we returned later in the day they were mostly underwater and I was lucky to catch some surface shots. Most of them were swimming furiously around in circles underwater and the toys had been tossed aside.


Floor of the kelp forest

Floor of the kelp forest
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Originally uploaded by lasassone.


Originally uploaded by lasassone.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our little vacation

Aren't they lovely?
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I'm busy stitching today so I thought I would post some of the pictures I took at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week. Everything was so wonderful and I got a little shutter-happy.

These 4 pictures were taken in just one area of the aquarium which, if you've never visited, is well worth your time. It's especially worthwhile if you have kids in tow. Mine would have loved it. But, even for older adults it is a great place to visit. We spent almost the whole day there seeing all the exhibits, all the film presentations and even we even sat for a time and just laughed like crazy over the antics of the otters and penguins.

These shots are very inspiring if you intend one day to stitch any ocean themed items. That's why I took so many pictures. Enjoy!

Perhaps I'll post a few more tomorrow..........

Love Those Yellow Fish

Love Those Yellow Fish
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Originally uploaded by lasassone.

Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor
Originally uploaded by lasassone.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Showing off the Texas Grands

TX Grands
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Just have to show off the latest picture of my TX grandkids. Jack is 5 and just started school and Isabelle is 2-1/2. They are our youngest daughter's children.

Aren't they sweet? We think they're pretty special. Of course we are not totally impartial, are we?

More Catch Up!

Valentine Snowman
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Last night I finished the February/Valentine block in this series and started on the next mannequin block. I think I may have some little heart shaped beads that would fit inside the spaces in the heart string on this one.

Also got my granddaughter's birthday project started yesterday. Since her b'day is the 29th, I have to concentrate on that now, but I also managed to mock up a small block for September in another BOM challenge - this on is on the RedworkStitcher's list. I've been doing my own designs and this one is to honor my eldest grandson's first day of kindergarden.

I'm also reading "The Mermaid Chair" before bed each night. I'm an avid reader and yesterday started a data base of books I've read. Wish I'd done it years ago. A while back someone posted a life reading list to live up to that had been published in a newspaper. I was surprised to see that I had read quite a few of the books listed. Of course I can't recall WHEN I read them. I read a lot of mysteries and have read 10 books in the past 2 months.

Otherwise I'm stitching as fast as I can!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Playing Catch Up!

January Snowman BOM
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Here's the January /Winter snowman design done up. Since we started this BOM challenge on the list in April, if I want to make these into a Christmas gift, I have to do the designs for Jan-March and play catch up!

I'm thinking I might add a few beads here and there in the designs before the whole thing is put together. Like on these snowflakes I think a seed bead would be nice in the center of the snowflakes. And, thinking ahead to the December block, there's a little tree in the design. I've been thinking of substituting a little cactus and wouldn't it be cute (tree OR cactus) to hang some little tiny ornaments on that design?

I finished this block while we were in Monterey, CA at the ocean, enjoying the cool weather. We had a lovely full day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is not to be missed, and we walked a lot too. We also ate like little piggies and are really having problems getting back in the swing of things now that we're back home.

I spent the first full day home laundering the fabric that I "found" at two shops we visited the last day we were there. The Handmaden and Back Porch Fabrics (both in Pacific Grove) called my name! And I'm so glad I answered. At both places I found fabrics that I've been looking for for months or weeks. Such great finds and such friendly shops too!

Next up here is a horse-themed project for my #4 granddaughter's birthday at the end of this month. Better get crackin'!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Redwork Experiment

A redwork experiment
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Last night I completed the stitching on a little experiment
I have been collecting the mannequin designs at the Bobby Socks website ( Then I found this great fabric with little mannequins all over it. I just knew it was perfect to sash and border a quilt made from these designs.
After I found that fabric (shown on left) I really wanted to do the blocks in different colors on some light tone-on-tone fabric that has to do with sewing. I had seen one in the past that was a like white-on-white print of tiny scissors. However, I could not find anything even similar. I found in my stash a button print of cream mother of pearl buttons but it was too dark.
After searching for a long time and buying one fabric that, after laundering, had an awful stiff "hand", I got to thinking about using the cotton fabric that you can put through your printer. I can also copy and scan on my machine, so I made a color copy of that button fabric using the lowest density I could. But it was still too dark to do these design on so I then made a low density copy of the lighter copy and got a print that I thought it might work. SO.............
I copied the print onto a Jacquard cotton fabric sheet I got at Michaels and did the design on it, finishing it last night. I have since bought some solid-reading fabric in the colors that are on the mannequin print to use as frames around each block So I took a picture of this block this morning with those and the mannequin fabric positioned around on the sides. I plan to stitch the mannequin designs all differently but within this color range.
Has anyone done this before or am I truly inventive? Really Big LOL!
The only difficulty I had with the whole thing was just after I removed the paper backing from the fabric sheet when I noticed the fabric seemed stiff. And, after letting it dry for 24 hrs, it still seemed that way, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Once I transfered the design and started hooping & handling the fabric, it softened up quite a bit. In the end it was draping nicely over my hands as I stitched.
I have been looking at this block for what seems forever, so I'd like some unbiased opinions about it. Is the button print distracting? Should it be even lighter? I worry if I made it any lighter, you wouldn't notice that it was a print at all......

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August Snowman BOM

August Snowman BOM
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My sister-in-law will especially like this one. She's an avid swimmer who swims laps every morning she can at the pool!

JULY BOM Snowman

JULY BOM Snowman
Originally uploaded by lasassone.

Southwestern Snowmen!

Originally uploaded by lasassone.
I'm doing these snowmen of the month for the BOM challenge on the blueroseredwork list at yahoo groups. I decided to do them in southwestern colors without the name of the month because my sister-in-law collects & loves snowmen AND she lives in AZ in a home decorated in SW decor.

The accompanying strip of fabric will be the sashing for the wallhanging I intend to make from the 12 blocks. The actual block is stitched on a mottled fabric that almost looks hand dyed. I bought both fabrics at the quilt shop in Sedona, AZ some time ago. I chose the colors of DMC floss from both fabrics.

This is the June snowman; pictures of July and August will follow.

I'm off now to work on another BOM project that is kind of an experiment. Hope to have happy results to show soon! I'm also working on another pastel project - this time peaches & greens with a little light gold. It's a pillow top and a gift for a friend who went out of her way to do us a huge favor.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Katie the Younger

Katie the Younger
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And this is the girl herself on her favorite perch. The windowsills in our home were made extra wide years ago by my husband because I used to raise African Violets.

In 1996, when we inherited Katie after our daughter moved to Missouri to attend grad school, she, one by one, "did in" the violets. Finally I surrendered and gave away the remaining plants to an elderly lady who loved them. The sills have been Katie's domain ever since.

When she arrived at our home she was not greeted with much kindness by our elderly indoor/outdoor cat, Annie the Elder, a very un-cat-like tuxedo kitty. So Katie, having never been outside, took over the house and protected it with vigor. They communicated every morning, nose to nose, at the laundry room door, after which Annie would dart out into her big beautiful yard.

However during Annie's last days, when she needed our constant care, Katie became very concerned with Annie and even shared her foot of the bed with her.

After she was gone, everytime the laundry room door was opened, Katie dashed over to look out and try to find Annie. It was cute, but heartbreaking for us. We still miss our Annie the Elder, but Katie has developed into the 2nd most wonderful, clever, affectionate companion we've ever had.

August Theme BOM

August Theme BOM
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August is Vacation Time! This is not my favorite block so far, by ANY means, but I sort of meant it to be funny. Our resident captive kitty, Katie, is absolutely fascinated with suitcases. When they come out, she will not leave them alone. If they are open, she lays in them. If they are closed, she lays on top of them.

We think she knows when we're about to leave for a trip and wants to go too. Even though she has top notch kittysitters who spoil her rotten while we're gone!

July Theme BOM

July Theme BOM
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I found this cute image in my Holiday binder that is full of images I've printed off from internet sites over the past years.

I'm doing these blocks with crayon work which I do before I start the outline embroidery. Each is pictured with the fabric which I plan to use for the block's border.

At first I planned to put all of these blocks together into a wallquilt, but now I think I may make individual display items out of them. Recently I found an article about making individual themed blocks and displaying them by slipping them over one of those clear acrylic free standing counter frames.

You border the block and back it, leaving the bottom open like a pillowcase. Then it's simple to change each month. We have an antique cabinet in our home's entryway and I think this would a fun thing to display there.

June BOM-Father's Day

June BOM-Father's Day
Originally uploaded by lasassone.
I did this block for the BOM challenge on the Redwork Stitcher's list at I took the image from my Hallmark card program. More details available if you click on the picture.

July & August blocks are done too - they follow......

My Bag Is Back!

My Bag Is Back!
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In the challenge I was involved in that is mentioned in previous posts, this is the item that I got back made from the items in MY bag. Isn't it wonderful?

It was made by my good friend & Omaha roomie, Mona Berning, to whom Willa secretly sent my bag! I just love it and it's hanging right now in a place of honor in our hallway.

As usualy you can click on the picture and read more details about the fabrics I sent.

Mona hurt her hand before she was able to embellish the blocks very much and has told me she wants me to do more work on it. For now I love it just the way it is, but I've saved the bag of leftovers and may, at some point in time, do that. I think I might also piece a small throw pillow for the bed to match the wallhanging.

I know I've been bad

Window on Spring
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I know, I know - I can't believe it's been so long since I posted to this blog. Life just keeps getting in the way of my fun.

I HAVE been stitching a LOT since I finished Window on Spring though. This picture was taken of it just before it was folded up & put in the box to be mailed to Willa.

I heard this morning from it's new owner and it's happy in it's new home - even has a whole wall to itself. As usual you can definitely see more detail in this picture if you click on it.

I'd really like to do something similar for myself, but I think I'll concentrate on my 4 season's wallhanging project that I started a while back. It's a 4 block piece that is odd shaped actually. When all 4 season blocks are pieced together there will be a center sun area that will have to be pieced in all yellows. Somewhere I have a picture of the Spring block that I sent out in a round robin. I will have to look for it & post it.

And then there's the ever present "Yellow to the Max" which is planned out, but not fully pieced yet. This project involves some vintage Peter Max fabric that I purchased from an eBay dealer some time ago. More later on that.......

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Window on Spring

Well, I talked G into holding the pieced front of this project so I could get a picture. I still have to prep the backing, hanging sleeve and binding tomorrow, but the front is done. I'm very happy with it. The backing is a printed cotton with the same shade of beige as the borders on the front. It is printed to look like crackled paint.

I'm thinking I may stitch "in the ditch" around each window pane before I bind this quilted wallhanging. I also have prepped a personalized silk label for the back.

Heck, I'm so proud of this, I feel like putting the label on the front! LOL!

I'll be taking more pictures with my GOOD camera tomorrow including some closeups too. If I'm going to send this off into the world and never see it again, I want lots of pictures to remember it by.

I sure hope my "challenge partner" likes what I've made. I know it's something that I would like to receive. And, isn't that the whole idea of these challenges? Aren't we supposed to make something WE would like to have?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Final Pane in the Window Project

This is the final pane, all done, for the window project. How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F? Now to get it all together and get it mailed out on Monday!

If you click on the picture you can see a larger version. Some details on the lower right block:

Hand dyed motifs -the flowers and the butterfly up top, iron-on dragonfly and those green leaves down in right corner that the spider loves so much are a fairly new trim from Ribbonsmyth. I did the pink buds with some wider gauzie see-through ribbon that was in the swap bag. It was the same kind of ribbon as the green that I put on with beads on the lower left pane. It makes GREAT flower buds!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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I got going on the lower left pane for the window project and skipped over the lower right. I can't believe I finished 2 of the panes today. Tomorrow I'll finish the other and begin assembling the project.

Some details:
I found the tiny little bird in my redwork bird binder. It's a copy of a vintage pattern.

I cut the Easter egg from an Easter print cotton fabric and tried to do a neat needleturn applique. I still need more practice on needleturn. It was easier to do the kite on the top left pane because I could iron back the edges for a crisp shape. That didn't work too well with the egg shape.

The pink & green trim came to me in the "baggie" but was white. I handdyed it with Ozcraft dyes and it was in the picture I posted the other day - a couple entries back.

The green gauze ribbon was in the baggie too. I have never before done anything like what I did with it, but it just seemed to be needed to soften that long curve through the block. I anchored it with the larger beads and then snuggled up a cluster of 3 seed beads on each side of the larger ones. There's lots of beads on this one, but that's pretty normal for my work I think. That and stitch combos!

The feather stitching on the lower right is done with YLI's Pearl Crown Rayon thread in the Baby Pastel color. I was not sure the colors were working but now that it's all done I think it was the right choice.

I have to say that pink has never been a favorite color of mine and I NEVER have worked with so many pastels before. I think it's going to be a good piece when it's all done, but I don't think I'll be able to look at another piece of pink fabric for awhile!

Upper Right Window Pane DONE!

Upper Right Window Pane
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Even the Beading is done! Had to take a break from the work on #3 and #4 blocks to give myself the satisfaction of actually having #2 totally done.

And now, would you believe, I have noticed that I missed a seam in the blue sky at the top. Imagine if you will 3 fly stitches done vertically with chain stitch anchors. That's what I intended to do and WILL do as soon as I log off this computer!

My dh is making fun of my "barely blooming" tree, but time is awasting and I told him it's just a hint of what the beginning of Spring would look like. HEY! It's my work and I'll do it however *I* want!, Right?

The blossoms and tiny leaves on the tree are done with pearl cotton because I'm having problems right now with my hands and cannot manage to pull silk ribbon through this block. I started with SRE, but had to give up before doing much at all.

I added the two faux seams in the large expanse of green silk noil hillside and I'm glad now that I did. I think it balances the block.

And stay tuned for Pane #3 where you'll see the hillside continued

Monday, June 05, 2006

Been Busy!

Playing with Ozcraft Dyes
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Today I let my hair down & had some fun playing with my Ozcraft Dyes. I had some basic white motifs here that came in this challenge packet and they didn't fit on the project anymore. The 2 pieces at the bottom were left natural colours but the rest of the pieces I antiqued. That rose in the upper left area is a crocheted motif made, I think, from Knit-Crosheen. I wasn't sure it would take the dye very well, but it turned out lovely.

The pieces that look more peach than pink are for my next project which is a pillow for a friend who did G and I a huge favor. I hope she likes it.

Back to Stitching and Beading on the window panes!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tree on the Hill

Naked Tree
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I had never done any broderie perse before and that is how I this tree is applied to the upper right "pane" of the window project. I used Heat & Bond Light to apply the tree but that doesn't hold permanently - especially I would think on the fancy fabrics that are in this block.

I started out using a hoop, but ended up doing the last half of the tree without a hoop. A lot of the tips of the branches had come loose but they are secure now!

I used 1 strand of silk floss for this technique, which, if I understand it correctly, involves doing teeny tiny buttonhole stitch on all edges. At least that is what I did and I'm mostly happy with the results.

Now on to dressing the tree in it's Spring blossoms!

A Day Late & a Dollar Short

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That's what my Mum used to say .... frequently to me because I've ALWAYS been a procrastinator.

Here's my May block for the challenge on thebluerose-redwork list at yahoo. I'm doing these in Southwestern colors, as I've mentioned before. They are fairly easy designs to stitch. The only hard part has been deciding what color to put where. All except the snowman him or herself - they will always be this pretty blue!

Now back to my challenge piece! Only 9 days to go! It has to be mailed on the 10th of June, but I'm sure I'll be up late the night of the 9th.....