Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the Winner Is..........

Random Stash Picture
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The winner of my 3 year Blogiversary is Wendy of the blog named Stich Duchess Crazy & Sane Quilting World. I have left a comment on her blog because that was the only way I found to contact her.

The picture here is just a samplying of what she could receive. I never posted a picture of what I was giving away because I decided that I wanted to personalize the prize for the winner. So I have asked Wendy to tell me some of her favorite things, colors, etc. As an aside, the crinkly looking fabric that the thread spool are on, is one that was shared by a member of our local crazyquilt group when they met here at my home this morning. And, yes, Wendy! I will share!

I want to thank you all for the many kind comments you made on this blog. Also you all probably had something to do with the increase in the number of hits on my recipe blog "Lulu's Girl". That was a nice surprise! I tried to visit some of your profiles and from there your blogs, but I was surprised at how many folks have their profiles blocked. I wasn't able to see very much although I had hoped to find some new blogs to read. This was just a surprising observation; I mean nothing negative. I would suppose there are many reasons why folks would want their profile and blog blocked from view.

This was fun! Can't wait until next year! Stitch On!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to Me! A Drawing!

Round Robin Pillow Block
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Today is the 3rd anniversary of this blog! Time flies when you're having fun. I cannot believe it's been 3 years! I still haven't perfected the art of blogging very often. Life just plain gets in the way sometimes.

In honor of this Blogiversary I will be having a drawing for a stash enhancement Squishie, a picture of which I will upload after this weekend is over. I'm a little under the weather at the moment, but will get the crazyquilt fabrics and other stuffs pulled and photographed at the beginning of the week. The Squishie will include fancy fabrics, trims, beads, faux silkies & such!

Soooooooooo...........Just make a comment on this post to be included in the drawing which I will do on September 27th. That's the day our local crazyquilt group meeting will be here at my home and I WAS going to have someone from the group do the draw. But I have learned how to use the random number generator site, so I'll be using that to do the "draw."

The temporary picture I have put up here on this post is of a round robin block I pieced & sent around some years back. I actually pieced two similar blocks the size of those travel pillow forms that JoAnn Fabrics carries. I did two round robins back to back, so YES, I have the finished blocks, but have yet to make them up into pillow covers. Just the tip of the iceberg of my UFO pile.

The great number of UFO's I have was brought home more than a little this past week when a friend of mine visited and I gave her the grand tour of my 2 room studio set up. She and I had gone fabric shopping recently in Reno when our husbands were playing in a golf tournament. We both bought many of the same fabrics and, unlike me, she had made something with some of hers and she ran out of one particular fabric. We traded some fabrics and both ended up happy.

She does mostly traditional quilting and has made the cutest baby quilt, a picture of which I wish I had taken! Duh....ANYway, she is really interested in learning to crazyquilt and also appreciates and does redwork-type embroidery. When I started to show her all the embroidery block sets I have made, I realized that I MUST make myself "buckle down" (as Mum used to say) and get these blocks made up into the quilts for which they were intended.

So, as soon as all this filing of Redwork/embroidery patterns is done, that is my plan! I would like to begin my 4th year of blogging by showing some actual progress on my well organized UFO pile!

Stitch On!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nana's Kitchen FOUND!

Nana's Kitchen FOUND!
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As I unpacked my stash over the past few months, everytime I opened another box I hoped I would find it. Recently we decided to bring home a few more boxes and a couple pieces of furniture. I decided to bring home all my boxes of dolls and their "things" as well. I planned to go through them and perhaps find a few things for G's garage sale on Saturday. Sort of a 2nd downsizing were my thoughts.

After dealing with almost all the boxes, I slit the tape on this one and opened it with a sigh. And then a scream! There was my "Nana's Kitchen" project along with the project's other fabrics! I had used the finished block and the other fabrics for the wallhanging I had planned as CUSHIONING for some of my more fragile dolls. And then I didn't say so on my very detailed inventory.....heck, it didn't even say "some fabrics" under that box number. So much for being organized!

After about 6 mos. of looking, I can't stop looking at this block and stack of fabrics. Needless to say, this project has moved up the list of my UFO's - near the top it is now! Color me SO Happy!

Stitch On!