Friday, May 26, 2006

Bag Challenge Piece #1

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First, let me apologize for the quality of this picture. I am still using my old Sony (.7 pixels!) camera to post pictures. I love the camera and it's so easy to use since it takes pictures on floppy disks and it's way easier to just pop a disk in the drive and upload pictures. Soon I think I will have to start using my better Kodak camera for uploading but the need for connecting it to the computer via a USB cord just is one more thing for me to learn. I'm sure I'll become at ease with it, but it's that old dog-new tricks thing!

Well, this is the first of 4 window panes for a project I'm undertaking for the Baggie Challenge that Willa runs. It's got me wishing that I had undertaken a less ambitious project, but all 4 panes are pieced with the other gal's fabric, so I'm committed. Called "View to Spring", the window frame will be pieced with fabric - brown or beige moire maybe. If I was to do this for myself, I'd use a real window frame and just put the blocks in the frame - twould be a whole lot easier.

Some explanation=When i pieced the sun area I didn't make the seams curved, so the fly stitch lacework bit is supposed to give the illusion of a curve. I think it will when the whole piece is assembled.

So it's on now to the top right pane with more sky and a hilltop with a blooming tree. I hope I gain some momentum here because the deadline to mail this "thang" is 6/10 for me!

That's all for today.......Gotta get stitching!

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