Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum!

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Lulu Mae Towne Sterling
1906 - 1991

Happy Birthday Mum!

Wish I could send you flowers like always. But if Heaven is like we all think it is and filled with our favorite things, you are surrounded by flowers every day.

I hope you know I'm still stitching as you taught me and have learned techniques of which you never dreamed. And I'm spreading the stitching love by teaching others, which I wish you had lived to see.

We Stitch On!


Sweet P said...

Happy birthday, mom.

Nancy said...

Hello Louanne,

Thanks for visiting my blog! Don't you love Krispy Kreme? I can't believe they have closed down in your area. We just had a new one built about 2 years ago, and they are keeping the old one that is across the street from that one. That is where I purchased my mug. Krispy Kreme has a website where you can purchase the mug, and here is a link - https://shop.krispykreme.com/mugs5.html

Also happy birthday to your mom. I'm sure she is smiling on you.