Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chocolage Block #4

Chocolage Block #4
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Last evening I finished this Chocolage block which I started while on vacation in Arizona. I think it's my favorite one so far. It's a cute cow! Also the backstitching for the wording isn't so much of a chore anymore. It seems I am getting it more even and it is going faster now. Practice-practice-practice is what always works, right?

I've traced off a few more blocks to work on in the evenings while watching tv with G, but during the days I need to get busy on Christmas gifts for my daughters and grands. The youngest is a girl and wants clothes for her Bitty Baby doll.

Since I don't own that particular doll (G says it must be the ONLY doll I don't have in my collection), I borrowed a Bitty Baby from my friend's granddaugher. They brought her over today, so now I just need to find a pattern.

I got the shock of my life yesterday at JoAnn's Fabrics when I found the PERFECT pattern with several outfits and by the description it was obviously designed for this 15" baby doll that is from American Girl-Pleasant Company dolls. I about fainted! When did patterns go up to US$15.95? That is just plain crazy.

When I worked at JoAnn's years ago there were always sales on patterns every week or in every sale flyer for like $1.99 each. Next week I noticed in their current flyer that Simplicity patterns will be $1.99, so I guess I'll wait and make sure I get down there on the first day of the sale. At that cost, I could buy 4 or 5 for what it would have cost me yesterday even with the 40% coupon!

The Judith B. Montano fabrics? I haven't forgotten. I'll take the picture tonight, ok?

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Sweet P said...

Love the Chocolage block. There is so much truth in that little saying.

Lil said...

Too cute Louanne. I always enjoy your work.

*BB* said...

lol you can't argue with that saying. As for pattern prices, there isn't much incentive to make stuff when it costs $15.95 to buy just the pattern.

Sharkeysday said...

I LOVE the chocolate stuff! :-)