Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Back!

But BOY oh BOY! Is it hard to get back to a routine after being on vacation. Someone sent me this cute drawing and I altered it a bit (the stitching bit). I think, as I have aged it pretty much lays out my typical day. I'm constantly losing things or going into a room and forgetting what I came in for.
I have received the first block (Leslie's) in the round robin I am participating in on the Crazy Quilt Int'l list. The round robin is called "Jewels on Black" and was actually my suggestion for a round robin to complete my required plain round robin before I can do some of the more fun DYB and exchanges. I'll have to get busy and finish up my work and post it.
While we were gone I didn't get much stitching done. I got a little work done on a redwork piece that I am doing for my brother. It's a picture of his 2 cats and I'm actually doing it in brown because that's the color they are. It will be part of a flap/door for the cubby in his motorhome where the cats' things are stored. My brother calls it their Cat House.
I've also been crocheting at night in front of the television. I was doing some circle looming before we left and made a couple doll hats, but haven't gotten back to that since we've been home. Must finish the 2nd one and get it mailed off to Izzy for her baby doll.
While we were visiting my brother in Arizona we were also looking at homes even though ours here hasn't sold. Big Mistake! Of course, we found a couple places we really liked. We are now investigating the possibility of buying before this place sells and will be getting back together with our financial advisor soon. Meanwhile, it seems nothing is selling ANYwhere and surely not here where almost 50% of the homes on the market are bank owned/short sales/repossessions!
So here we are and here we may be staying for awhile! Living with this unsettled situation with all our stuff (including my stash) in storage is less than fun!
So, I continued on the trip to build what G calls my "Back up Stash"! I managed to visit 3 quilt shops while we were gone. One in Sedona, one in Cottonwood and one in Prescott Valley, AZ. Plus I had major fun for an house in a Hobby Lobby store when we went through Phoenix. Would you believe skeins of luscious yarn for 73 cents? LOL! G actually found those for me! Whatta Guy!
Stitch On!


Sweet P said...

I'm sorry to hear your house is still on the market. We've been watching the house market here in Dover, NH for two years and have seen several houses and condos that stay on the market for a long time and just don't sell.

I do hope your house sells soon. I know how stressful it is to feel like you are in a housing limbo.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

LouANne - I love your pie chart! It looks like your priorities are in the right place!! lol