Friday, July 25, 2008

Tooting My Own Hown, but fun links too!

As Jo has said today on her blog post today, this is a shameless promotion post! The new issue of the online CrazyQuilt magazine is up - and it's here!

There are several pictures of my CQ work in the Reader's Gallery and I wrote an article on stitching spiders and webs. There are many, MANY great articles in this issue as always AND some wonderful and inspiring pictures in the Reader's Gallery!

This is a great online source for inspiration and it's the only magazine, online OR in stores, that is exclusively for crazy quilters. Go now! Go visit Jo! Most importantly......Go here!

Stitch On! (SEE? I DO know how to put hyperlinks in my posts! LOL!)


Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for the links LouAnne. I agree it is a great issue this time round (not that the others aren't) .
You might want to change the colour of your hyperlinks tho, as they are hard to see..

Anonymous said...

I will definately look up your article. I cannot make a decent spiderweb and I need some help.

Pat Winter said...

It is a fabulous article on spiders. I loved it!!!!! Hoot away, you deserve it!