Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the Winner Is..........

Random Stash Picture
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The winner of my 3 year Blogiversary is Wendy of the blog named Stich Duchess Crazy & Sane Quilting World. I have left a comment on her blog because that was the only way I found to contact her.

The picture here is just a samplying of what she could receive. I never posted a picture of what I was giving away because I decided that I wanted to personalize the prize for the winner. So I have asked Wendy to tell me some of her favorite things, colors, etc. As an aside, the crinkly looking fabric that the thread spool are on, is one that was shared by a member of our local crazyquilt group when they met here at my home this morning. And, yes, Wendy! I will share!

I want to thank you all for the many kind comments you made on this blog. Also you all probably had something to do with the increase in the number of hits on my recipe blog "Lulu's Girl". That was a nice surprise! I tried to visit some of your profiles and from there your blogs, but I was surprised at how many folks have their profiles blocked. I wasn't able to see very much although I had hoped to find some new blogs to read. This was just a surprising observation; I mean nothing negative. I would suppose there are many reasons why folks would want their profile and blog blocked from view.

This was fun! Can't wait until next year! Stitch On!

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