Monday, March 15, 2010

Scarf for Gabrielle

Scarf for Gabrielle
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After Christmas I was all about yarn and knitting and crochet. In the cold evenings I really enjoy working with yarn but this year I really went overboard.
My youngest daughter's birthday is in early January and I made this scarf for her with a combination of 3 yarns/fibers. It ended up feeling like fur.
I forgot to take a picture before I mailed it to her and so she took this one for me. I think she doubled the scarf for the pictures. She also sent me another of her youngest (my youngest granddaughter) wearing the scarf. I will try to add that picture below.
The fibers I used were all different. One was a glittery yarn that almost looked like a crocheted chain. The 2nd one was a fun fur and the 3rd was an eyelash. I usually make scarves with only 15 stitches and 2 fibers. I yarn over on one row and then drop that on the next row. It makes for a nice loose feel. With 3 fibers this one turned out very much thicker and had a fur feel.
Here is my granddaughter who is almost 6 wearing the scarf.


LuAnn said...

The scarf is great! I love the mix of yarns. I've been looking at your photos. What pattern did you use for the 3 crocheted baby blankets? It looks like a shell stitch, but I can't quite tell. The diagonal baby blanket you made is the same pattern that I use to knit cotton dishcloths. Nice to see you blogging again.

LouAnne said...

LuAnn: I believe that all 3 baby blankets I made were different patterns, but I will go look later today in my Great Grand Hope Chest and see for sure. I will let you know. Sorry for delay in answering; am just getting back to normal here....