Monday, November 21, 2005

Button Bucket-Catching Up

Button Bucket
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No, no - I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I've just been busy with life AND also I ventured back into my "room of good intentions" and have been sorting, rearranging and tossing my "stuffs" in order to clear out a bit. I have a terrible time letting stuff go! But I HAVE to get the room cleared a bit so I can at least work in there instead of in the dining room.

One thing I'll never let go of is this cute button bucket that belonged to my Mum. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can read about it's origins. I'm playing catch up here because I was supposed to post this picture to the Stash Sunday group's photos about 3 Sundays ago.

Coming soon: pictures of "the room"; be patient tho, ok?

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Lillian said...

Hi Louanne,

I found a button bucket just like yours on e bay but it has no lid- I am very sad but determined to find one like your!

Lillian in Korea