Monday, February 13, 2006

CQ Block done!

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FINALLY! Today I finished my embellishment work on the 7" block for the Texas cancer center quilt. I just returned from the post office where I sent it out & away.

I actually really like this block. I generally don't work in this particular color palette so it was a growing experience for me.

The fabric with the seagull on it just about jumped into my hands when I began piecing and it was the inspiration for me to add the word "Soar". The colors seem a little distorted in my photo. Everywhere you may see a wierd gray color, it's actually a muted green and goes lovely with the other fabrics which are peach and rust.

The leaves were dyed with Ozcraft dyes last summer. The web was done with Coats & Clark metallic sewing thread and for the spider I used 1 strand of Splendor silk floss. I painted the face button with glass & china paints that are cured in the oven. The dainty flower trim on the curved seam is a purchased trim.



my house is cuter than yours said...

These aren't my colors either but you did a fabulous job! I don't know much about quilting so pardon any dumb questions I may ask, but it looks like you did a really neat embriodery type stitching to hold the squares togehter, am I seeing that right?
I really love all the little extra's you added to it, very thoughtful. i love spiders so that part really appeals to me.

Sharkeysday said...

Oh honey it's LOVELY! I adore it! Absolutely gorgeous! Maybe you should stretch into those colors more often, eh?

piney cq said...

Gorgeous as always, LA!!!! I love those colors! I presume you created the rose also? A Helen Gibb's type, isn't it? Thats one thing I haven't tackled yet! Anywhoo....super duper! I LOVE it!