Friday, February 17, 2006

Fat Quarters going Bye-Bye

Fat Quarters going Bye-Bye
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Surprise! I'm still here and I haven't finished another Redwork piece yet.

This is a picture of the results of the past couple weeks of cutting, pressing and folding.

In my major cotton stash reduction, I'm cutting and keeping only 1/2 yard of most of my cotton yardage. So far I've filled these 13 boxes with fat quarters sorted by color. I'm not quite half way through the shelves yet!

I'm down to cutting the novelties and these color boxes don't really work for novelties. I need more boxes so I can sort the novelties into catagories like tea, coffee, sweets, golf, sewing, etc. Alas, I have no more of these wonderful boxes and don't want to go buy anymore.

All of this has really brought it home to me how much I have indulged my fascination for novelty fabrics over the years. I'm a bit embarrassed.

So now I've resorted to making stacks in a laundry basket. I just have to remember to put something over the top of the basket at night because I think Katie (our feline boss) thinks I'm doing all this work for so she will have a well-padded bed to nap in!

Ah well, back to cutting & pressing. At least moving around like this is keeping me warm. After a lovely period of Spring-like warmth, it's raining again and they are forecasting snow for tonight. It's been many many years since we've had snow in this area; they are probably wrong!

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Sharkeysday said...

Not that I'm surprised, but WOW! are you organized! So, did you get your snow?