Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Table Runner
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Well, here's the table runner that I made for our Thanksgiving dinner hostess gift. Pam loved it and she was delighted with the partridges in the center squares as she collects partridges and she said it even matched the tablecloth she will use at Christmas. And no one even noticed any non-matching or missing points in my piecing. There wasn't a soul amongst the 13 family members in attendance that has ever cut up fabric and sewn it back together again.

I have to admit though that "sane" quilting just seemed SO plain to me. I wanted to add beads and stitch on those seams. Twas a big stretch on my part and I was so glad she loved it.

I have been SO bad about blogging - I've been posting pictures into my flicker photo account though, so if you click on this picture you can go see what I've been up to.

Oh, and also there's a picture of the back of my disgraceful exchange ornament too - no WAY was I gonna blog that!

I hereby seriously promise that I'm going to do better after the first of the new year with the blogging. I hope to at LEASE blog weekly. I'm going to try to keep up with Sharon B and her Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge. If I knew how to make that a link to her site I would - so sorry!

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Edie said...

Hiya LouAnn!
I'm going to try the Stitch Tuesday thing too. maybe we can keep each other inspired!
Edie (from Alaska!) I sure did miss going to Omaha this year