Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ornament for Delta Crazy Stitcher's exchange

All year long I keep a fairly large piece of muslin on my sewing table onto which I have pencil-drawn some holiday shapes. As I come up with scraps during the year, I sew them onto the shapes. When a shape is done I stitch the seam embellishments and do any beading I want. then I cut it out & make the ornament.

This year I seem to be trying to prove that I can't sew in a circle! This turned out terribly lopsided, so, in order to disguise it a bit, I did a picot beaded edging around the whole finished ornament.

It was not my best effort I'm afraid and the beading isn't fooling anyone. But time is wasting away on me. We're leaving next Sunday to spend the Holidays with our daughters in TX and I'm in no way ready to go.

Saturday is our local group's Holiday party. This year we're having lunch at the local Olive Garden and then returning to one of the member's homes for dessert and our ornament exchange. We always have a grand time and, if I figured correctly, this is either our 4th or 5th Holiday party. Over that time we've fluxuated in membership, but it's a great inspiring group and our monthly meetings are my salvation!

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Charlene said...

It's a lovely ornament, LouAnne. You can buy perfection at Wal-Mart; this one is from your heart. Your the friend who receives it will be delighted. Enjoy your holiday visits and be safe.