Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Block #1

Fall Block #1
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Well, Fall is definitely in the air here in No. California. G has been trimming our neighbor's huge tree that hangs over the fence and shades our side patio in the summer. This time of the year it starts to lose it's leaves and it's a daily, almost hourly, chore to keep up with their disposal.

He was doing that this weekend while I took to my "bed and bath" with a 3 to 4 day flu bug, of which I was very glad to be rid of this morning! All the leaves made me remember and search out the four large autumn-themed blocks I pieced over a year ago. I got started on stitching the seams with "Golden Glow" YLI Pearl Crown Rayon thread. I love that color of the YLI Pearl because it has such a vintage look. On these blocks I think also that it blends well, but doesn't distract your eyes from the fun fabrics.

The fabrics I used to piece the four blocks were given to me a few years back when a decorator in a local town closed her business. I've plenty of fabric still to piece more blocks, but when I had the 4 done, I decided perhaps I would just make a 4 block wallhanging, so I started stitching the seams. About the same time I was in Wal-mart one day buying some DMC thread for another project and I found the leaf appliques in a bin drastically discounted. I knew they would match the blocks, so I bought them all! I have a lot more of those too!

The beads you see scattered on the block are some I had purchased to embellish the stitches. I have others, including a few colors of seed beads, but these beads were in the project envelope with the 4 blocks.

I thought this was a fitting project to show for an Autumn blog post. And I also wanted to let you all know that I'll not be posting again for a week or so. I'm going to Arizona to visit my brother. My niece from Alaska will be visiting him and I haven't seen her in years, so I look forward to catching up with her and her husband.

All of us plan on going to some community organized garage sale extravaganzas while we are there, so perhaps I'll have some wonderful things to show you when I get back mid-month.

Until then.......Stitch On!


morvoren said...

Lovely work LouAnne,
Makes me feel warm inside just looking at these blocks!!
The colours of Autumn leaves are so beautiful.
Hugs Pam UK

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Very nice, LouAnne! I can't wait to see the four blocks all done and put together! Have a great time at your brothers!

Susan said...

I like the color of the thread, but I haven't enjoyed stitching with rayon in the past. Is YLI less snaky and sproingy than other rayons?