Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Abraham Lincoln
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On this 200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, it seems only appropriate to remember him by posting the redwork portrait I did a couple years ago. The iron on image block was a gift from an internet friend who loves all things Lincoln as I have since I was a child. I have collected books and newspaper memorabilia for many years.

I did this portrait all in outline stitch with the spooled Sulky cotton thread that is size 12. It's a lovely thread to use for hand embroidery, makes a fine line of stitching and comes in a wide range of colors. Quite easy to find on the internet and in shops, I have bought most of mine at Creations in Kerrville, Texas which is an awesome and very friendly quilt shop a morning's drive from my youngest daughter's home in San Antonio. When we drive there for a visit, we always spend out last night on the road in Kerrville - for 2 reasons.

One is so that I can visit Creations and the other reason is that I'm a "foodie" I guess. That is what my late brother called G and I. You see, in Kerrville there is a Culver's restaurant in the front of the local Super Wal-Mart, so G is happy - he loves to visit the Wal-Marts wherever we go. My stomach starts growling the minute I see the Culver's sign! I was introduced to Culver's in Minnesota by my good friend Mona.

I wish Culver's was closer to us; I'd give up In and Out Burger in a heart beat! Their ButterBurgers and frozen Custard are to die for!

Gosh! I must be hungry; it appears I must need breakfast!

Stitch On!


Miss Nancy said...

What a wonderful way to honor the president. Great job. Thanks for the info. on the type of thread that was used.

Queen Bee's Musings said...

I like to think about Lincoln as well.
Please check out my blog on LIncoln.
Love your redwork. Thinkin i need pattern as well.
fellow CQ girl