Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have you ever just had a string of mishaps and they never seem to end? I have finally managed to upload my February free BOM design to Flickr where, if you click on the image above, the click will take you to the design and you can print it off. OR, choose all sizes, pick large, right click on it and save to your desktop or file where you keep designs to later print off.

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If you prefer to download a .pdf file, here is a link to one:


Again this month I designed this stitchery to be 7" high and 7" wide, but you can print it off in your own software any size you like.

For a hint last month I asked you what kind of quilter I am and thus for February I am offering a crazyquilted heart design. There are many ways you can use this design. As far as stitching, if you know the stitches portrayed, by all means stitch away. If they are unfamiliar to you, just use straight stitches, stem stitching and lazy daisy stitches.


The little hearts on the top left seam are actually just fly stitches if you know how to do those. When I catch up with things around here, I will no doubt do this design two ways. One will be totally red stitching on white or cream and the other way I will do some crayon work and use colored embroidery floss. The chocolate truffle at the bottom I think would look neat colored brown with pink zigzagging around it to represent the paper cup and then white chain stitching for the icing squiggle.


Further embellishment of my design is up to you and I would love to see what others come up with. I think even adding charms in place of the words "love" and "be mine" might be fun. And how about perhaps sewing lace around the whole thing when it's done?


I had to include a chocolate truffle on this heart because on Valentine's Day I always think of my Mum, Lulu, who used to work in a candy factory dipping chocolates and knew what all those little squiggles on the chocolates meant. She always helped me avoid the pieces with nuts in them; I do NOT like nuts in my chocolate! As an aside, you can see many of Mum's recipes on my other blog; there is a link up top here.


Next month, March, might not be much of a surprise to anyone. St.Patrick's Day is in March and also the First Day of Spring!
What are the first flowers that bloom in YOUR Spring garden?
Stitch On!

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Jeanne said...

thank you very much for this lovely heart!
Very nice pattern.