Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching up - March BOM Redwork Embroidery Design

This is my free BOM offering for the month of March - offered up late as I warned you all.

The box around this design was drawn 7" x 7" - just so you know it's original size. This flower (or weed, if you prefer) is the Contra Costa Wallflower. It is an endangered species of Spring wildflower that almost exclusively grows here in our county.

It appears always sometimes in March and has yellow blossoms. They compete in early spring with the wild mustard over our velvet green hills. That is to say the hills are green IF we've had enough rain. Weather people say we haven't actually HAD enough rain this year, but our hills did turn to green velvet while I was gone to AZ.

This is a design that will provide challenges for a beginner embroiderer for many reasons. One is the interesting angles of the leaf tips. Getting sharp angles/tips is always hard when you first begin. How do YOU handle it?

Do you make each tip a fly stitch? Do you go down at the tip and come back up a ways down the other side of the leaf?

Enjoy the design! Stitch On!

P.S. I forgot to mention that you can click on the design to open it, but you can also go to: and print it from there.

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