Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Further Catching up - April Free BOM Design

April Free BOM Design
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Well, it's the 29th of the month and although I've had this design ready for some time, I just now have time to get it up here on my badly neglected blog.

Been super busy with a lot of things. G's best friend had a stroke and has now been moved to a rehab factility that is a 30 minute drive away. His wife cannot drive, so there has been the necessity to get her there each day and pick her up as well.

Secondly I've been busy cutting up all my crazyquilt fancy fabrics in order to make up Stash Stretcher packets again. The packets will be the same as I sold before when were planning to move. Space is at a premium, but as long as we must stay longer I decided to majorly downsize my cq stash in order to make some shelf space to display my doll collection.

No sense even HAVING a doll collection if I can't see it, right?

So, my need for space will benefit others who may not have been collecting fancy fabrics for 13 years. Keep in mind these are the fabrics that I selfishly decided to keep for myself when I did the last downsize! There are some real goodies in there!

That said - IF you too like fabric, be sure to come back here tomorrow for a SURPRISE!

Now about the Easter Mouse design. I was just going to do a decorated egg or perhaps a bunny. I did this design because I have a close friend who loves mice and I thought perhaps she might be inspired to actually DO some embroidery if she had something to do that amused her. She has seen the design and says she really likes it!

Will you do it in colored embroidery? I think I will, but I also think perhaps that my mousie might just become the first in a 12 month series of embroidery designs.

Meanwhile, don't forget to come back tomorrow! It's going to be a SPECIAL DAY!

Stitch On!

P.S. I forgot to mention that you can click on the design to print it and it should be about 7" wide. Also you can go to: and print it from there!


Betweens said...

Louanne what a cute little design. I found you through the redwork group in yahoo..

Reeze Hanson said...

What a cute mouse! I love it. Thanks for the design. Reeze