Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Red Barn Quiltalong fabrics

I'm trying to jerk myself out of the doldrums here and so I decided to participate in the Quiltalong being run by the owner of the "Old Red Barn" blog. We were to pick 12 fabrics . At first thought about using the many fabrics I have in the Judith Baker Montano Embellishment line, but since this quiltalong calls for 1/2 yards of all 12 fabrics and I only have 1/2 yards of the fabrics in JBM's line, I decided to go with something different because that would wipe out most of that line of fabrics that I love so much!

I'm trying for a romantic look here. We plan on remodeling our front room this summer and I'd like it to be a place where we could hang some paintings that G's Mum did over the years. There are a lot of flower paintings and roses which I love and miss seeing since they've been packed away.

Now I must cut a half yard of each of these into strips. Maybe getting that done today will make me feel as if I've accomplished something.

Stitch On!

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quiltlion said...

Yummy, fabrics! I love the colors! Lyn G