Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look At Me!

Done Stripping!
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I'm done stripping! I feel so GOOD! In the process of choosing the fabrics for this quilt, I realized that I really learned a LOT last year in Sharon Boggin's Take it Further challenge. I remember the first few months were quite difficult, but as I went on making a crazyquilt block each month with her posted colors, I began to see colors differently and I guess it stuck!

I've made all the 2.5" strips of the 12 fabrics as per the 2nd week's instructio1ns for the quiltalong at Old Red Barn blog. I'm all caught up! There's still time for YOU to catch up too! Click on Old Red Barn above or hit on the link to the blog that is on the side of this blog.

Now I can go watch the Nat'l Spelling Bee while I sort my fancy strips by color in preparation for a couple million crazyquilt blocks!

Stitch On!

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