Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow! Look Where G and I Have Been!

visited 45 states (90%

Someone posted this on their blog this morning and I was fascinated. I traveled a good deal when I was a child and after I married G we took our 3 girls on many trips during summer breaks from school. We had fun making up this map and were surprised that we've only missed 5 states in our travels. Montana is so big; it's hard to believe we missed it!

Nothing to do with stitching, but something to think about for sure!


Anne said...

I'm missing Alaska, Kansas, and South Dakota.

I have been in 1154 counties or equivalents out of 3000+ (that includes Puerto Rico).

Beth G. said...

So are there any plans to visit the 5 states you've missed? XX's Beth G.

Anonymous said...

You should make it a goal to hit the remaining 5! That would be so great!


LouAnne said...

Not so sure about those remaining 5 states, but we DO have a motorhome now, so perhaps we should try! It remains to be seen how long a time I could get G away from the golf course!