Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last of the Hydrangeas for 2009

As we prepare for the first wave of grandkids tomorrow, I went outside and walked the yard early this morning. The latest heatwave has been very hard on all the hydrangea bushes andd this bouquet contains all the flowers that have survived. Even my "Endless Summer" bush is looking very bad!

We've had a good showing of hydrangeas this year, but it's always sad to have to deadhead the bushes. They make the yards and patios of Hydrangea House very cheerful every year for weeks and weeks. This year I didn't cut many bouquets as I love looking out from all the windows to see the wonderful varied colours.


Jackie said...

I love hydrangeas and yours are pretty in the vase you have them in!

lizzy said...

How did you know Ray Metz???

LouAnne said...

lizzy: I hope you find this message as I could not find your email address. After 9/11/01, quilter's across the world united in making a huge memorial quilt to honor the fallen at all sites. From the organization's website, I chose Ray Metz's name after reading about him in articles online. I made his block for the memorial quilt and will continue to remember him always.