Saturday, August 01, 2009

Not a whole lot of stitching going on here!

Still here until Monday is our youngest daughter and her family shown above. They live in TX and are traveling by car. They started by driving to Disneyland and then came up here for the week. One of the nights they spent up north at our eldest daughter's place in the mountains. When they leave here Monday, they are headed to the Grand Canyon and then home after that.

In mid-July our #2 daughter and her family came by plane to California. The day this picture was taken we had driven with our eldest daughter(she is on far right) into San Francisco. We all went to Alcatraz and spent the whole day together. The following Monday her hubby had to return home to Georgia for work and she and the kiddos drove out to spend the week at our place and her sister's place in the mountains.

I feel like I've been running a B and B! Just joking. The girls have been very helpful and I haven't had to do much except bake and direct traffic in the bathroom. A good time was had by all and is still being had. I've still managed to be able to attend my Tuesday morning stitching group because they all have gone off on their own on every one of the Tuesdays. I'm not making much progress on anything though. The girls don't come to California that often and it's a shame they couldn't be here at the same time. However, it would not have been a good thing to have 9 people sharing a bathroom!
So, next week it will be back to normal which is extreme quiet and we'll be missing all of them.
Hang in there! I'll be back, as Arnold once said......

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see your kids!! I am glad your having a nice time and enjoying yourself!! Stitching will always be there when you get time:)

Have a wonderful weekend!