Sunday, September 10, 2006


Other April Block
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I'm here - just been SUPER busy. Have been working on 2 b'day gifts for my eldest daughter and her dh who share a b'day. Almost done, so will post those pictures as soon as I can. One involves embroidery; they other has a photo printed on fabric.....

Here you see one of my CatchUp Blocks in the snowman BOM project I'm doing for my SIL. I guess this is supposed to be the April block - April Showers Bring May Flowers.... But I had done the Easter block for April, so this will be for March I guess - even though I'm not putting the month names on the blocks.

I know it doesn't rain much where they live in Arizona, but the snowman would melt if he got ANY rain on him, so he really NEEDS his umbrella!


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