Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to Crazyquilting!

Peach CQ#1
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So, here's the "before" of the 2nd piece I did and managed to keep it lighter or paler in comparison to my first attempt. Yes, I made the crocheted fan and also the trim. I hand dyed the flower motif with Ozcraft Dyes. This pillow will be a gift for my 2 daughter's & my friend, Sylvia.

In the winter I usually keep a ball of crochet cotton, a hook and my crochet books close by my chair when I watch television. I generally make the edgings only about 6" in length. I find that length very usable on cq work.

The image is on silk and I don't recall where it came from. I found it in my peach embellishment drawer. I plan to attach ruched silk ribbon over the oval after I baste it in place.

The green vine trim came from Vicki at Ribbonsmyth. I think it also comes in other colors. I need to find some pale gauzey ribbon so I can embellish it with sre buds like I did the same vine I used in my Window On Spring piece for Willa's Baggie challenge. If you've never seen that piece, click on the previous months links on the side of this blog. I'm not sure which month it was but it might be August. I wish I knew how to internally put a link to that day's post, but I'm such a beginner at this blogging stuff!

Stitch On!


Gerry said...

I love the colors. It has a very feminine and peaceful look to it.

Candi Harris said...

Your block is beautiful! I absolutely love the colors!