Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Woman's Prerogative

A Woman's Prerogative
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is to change her mind.

After seeing how others were seeing Sharon's March color palette, I went back to my stash to reconsider. On every site I saw the colors posted on the colors looked different. I even tried to print the palette from Sharon's site, but my printer just printed a muddy mess!

So, here you have my final choices. Two of the fabrics again are Judith Baker Montano prints. They are from the left #2 and #4. the DMC colors are, from top to bottom, #333, #676, #501, #814 and black.

Now to get the block pieced before our local CQ group meeting this Saturday at my house. That way I'll have something to work on this month besides my ongoing redwork projects.

Stitch On!


piney cq said...

I really like your new selection! There seems to be more depth to this selection. I like! Your other choices were good too, but I think this will really "pop" when put together! Good job!

Charlene said...

I like the selections you've made. I notice that they coordinate witht he stitching in your grahic header!

MargB said...

I love your choice - they correspond to mine! They sing to me! Love your work.