Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 Roomie block

2008 Roomie block
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I have been bad about blogging and I apologize. Did you miss me?

I've had a medical issue AND we have been busy bringing our things back into the house from storage over the past 3 weeks. In order to accomodate my stash and other things, we are making a lot of changes in the house. G has put together at least 7 bookshelves for the fabric and books and now he's building a cutting station for the center of the fabric storage room.

In the workroom yesterday we covered a 4' x 8' sheet of foam insulation board with beige flannel and installed it on the wall for the design board I've always wanted. I still don't have the computer in the workroom, but that's because I can't seem to find just the right desk. The one I have here in the office won't fit in there and actually I don't think I have the room arranged right yet either. A new fancy Polder ironing board from Costco was a total disaster and had to be returned to the store when we discovered that it wouldn't open/raise up because apparently the levers were installed incorrectly at the factory. I think I may, for now, keep my old odd-shaped-no-longer-made EuroPro board with the off-center point.

As soon as the 2 rooms are all set up, I'll take pictures for you all to see. I can't wait to get back to playing with fabric!

But, about this block I finished today.....

All golds and yellows with prints containing purple and green, this block was sent to me by Kate H. to embellish. Each of the gals who are my roommates at the CQ Society's annual retreat in July in Omaha are doing a different color block. Our blocks will be made into a wallhanging which will be auctioned off at the scholarship & breast cancer research auction event during the retreat. We did the same thing last year with many $$$$ made. Last year our blocks were all black and embellished with jewel-toned stitching. This year we each are embellishing a different color block that Kate pieced.

I was disappointed that the colors of this block didn't photograph very true. The fabric on the lower right is a pale yellow asian brocade. All the fabrics are either yellow or gold. I used mainly silk pearl threads and a little ribbon floss. You can't see them well, but along the edge of the purple and gold asian brocade up top, I added a few gold Swarovski flat lochrosen rhinestones. Now that you know, you can probably see them!

There also are a lot of beads, as is my usual final step on a cq block. And an itsy bitsy spidey for luck! I am unable to attend the Omaha retreat this year, but am glad they still considered me part of the roomie group!

I enjoyed stitching on this block. Most of the stitching was done before Easter Sunday. The evening before Easter I began having some vision problems which are still annoying me. I experienced a Vitreal Detachment in one eye - my good eye, wouldn't you know! I didn't lose any vision; doctor says these are common age-related happenings - doncha love it? This getting older is not for sissies! Given time I am told that my brain will learn to not see the dirty-contact-lens-like view I have been left with.

Since my father lost his vision to macular degeneration, I was very concerned and then relieved when the doctor found no other problems. He put me on a vitamin supplement especially for eye health and I'm thankful I can be back to stitching now.

I did the beading on this block yesterday and today. I think that tomorrow I can get back to working on Jo's round robin block I have here and get it sent on to Hideko in Japan shortly. I also have another little project I need to send to Kate when I send this block. More on that later.

Stitch On!

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Gerry said...

Good luck with the re-settling in. LOL. I know it can feel like all you do is take it out, clean it up, bring it back, clean it up.....

The block is really pretty. I just love the spider and web. It's so simple yet sooooo lovely.

Good luck!