Friday, April 18, 2008

Chocolage Block #14

Chocolage Block #14
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Well, I'm sure glad that I have finished this block. I think it may have been the most challenging of the designs so far. It was almost all back stitching, but the itty-bitty words inside the Basic Food Group blocks I had to do with just one strand of DMC floss. Good thing I have that new Ott lamp in the front room! I've now moved on to block #15, but probably won't make much headway on it until perhaps Sunday night when the tv programs are good again.

Meanwhile I have my hands full getting ready to host our local CrazyQuilt stitchers group here tomorrow morning. I've cleared the tables and cleaned the bathroom, but the rest of the house isn't looking so hot. Still a lot of boxes to unpack and I've got to bake something for a snack to serve.

About those would think that now that I have TWO rooms instead of just ONE for my stuff that I would have no problem getting everything put away, wouldn't you? It's shocking to me that there are still so many things in boxes in the garage and sitting here and there in the house. I obviously kept too many things last year when I was packing to move. I kept things I was in doubt about because I thought I was going to have a whole basement for my things. Moving back in here to wait out this stupid housing crisis was not what I had in mind.

So, I have decided that I will have to do some more downsizing - especially in the fancy fabric department. I think I said before that I can't even close one of the fancy fabric storage drawers - the green one. Perhaps I can list a Friday ad on the yahoo crazyquiltING list when I get going. I really want to stay away from eBay - just don't wanna go there no more!

And cotton quilt backings! Wow, as soon as all is set up I am going to start putting together "quilt kits" complete with backings. What is left over is going OUT of here to the group I belong to that makes quilts for breast cancer chemo patients. I have SO much trouble letting go of fabric I love. I love it all or I wouldn't have bought it, right?

But meanwhile unpacking goes on with a lot of questionable things being repacked into boxes for re-consideration. Like-will I ever get back to rug hooking? Will I ever really DO that large needlepoint picture my daughter and I loved so much. And best of all for laughs: Will I ever finish the red sweater for G that I started maybe 10 yrs ago?

This morning G finished putting together the new oak desk for my workroom, so this coming Sunday will be spent moving this computer in there. I'm wondering how I can get away with moving it without disconnecting all the cables......I'm probably dreaming, but I SO don't look forward to figuring out where things go if I have to disconnect everything! Maybe I can put tags on the ends of the cables......

Stay tuned & STITCH ON!

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The Sick Chick said...

You can sell supplies on and handmade kits will count as handmade supplies for even more exposure there :)