Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take it Further Challenge

Well, I've fallen behind again and haven't finished my March block, but today, looking for a little distraction, I pulled up the April palette and chose these DMC colors and fabrics.

The DMC colors are from the top 920, 3857, 890, 3078 and 814. 814 was used in March's colors for my block also. I found some of the colors in Sharon's April palette way darker than anything that DMC has available. But, I'm excited about the prospect of working with these fabrics I have chosen.

Two of the fabrics are the Judith Baker Montano fabrics from Robert Kaufman. The top one shown and the bottom one are the JBM ones. I do believe I'll be putting the top one in the center of my block.

But I must finish March's block first; I'm trying to be disciplined about this challenge. I get distracted with embroidery work that I can do in the evenings now that my favorite programs have come back on with new episodes. I find redwork type embroidery very relaxing and I now have a nice new Ott floor lamp next to my chair, so it's easier to see to stitch.

Over the past few weeks when we were making trips to and from the storage unit, I have finished one piece that is a gift for my brother. I've also recently gotten back to the Chocolage blocks. If you click on these pictures, you will not see a closeup with details because I didn't post them from Flickr, but they ARE in my Flickr photostream. And here they also are:

I can't seem to turn the cat's picture upright. So sorry if you get a crick in your neck. If you'd like to see a better picture, click on the first picture in this post of my April fabric palette and you can see both these last pictures in my Flickr photostream. I guess I'm still learning how to do all this and unless I do things everyday, these days I seem to have to relearn things over and over. Benefits of aging I do believe.

Back to unpacking! Stitch On!

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