Friday, May 16, 2008

Additional View

Fabric Storage Room #3
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This is the wall to the left as you enter the Fabric Storage Room. The other half of the wall is the closet which G still lays claim to. For this picture, you can click on it to see a larger view and the notes that I put on the picture showing what is what.

On the top of the bookshelf are my button jars. Each contains a different color. The fabrics on these shelves are all cottons and are in "reads as" color groupings. The 2nd shelf from the bottom has a stack of Kaufman Kona cotton colors.

The little wallhanging was a college art class project. It's a memorial piece for my Mum who passed away right before I started the class. The hearts depict her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at the time of her passing. It's title is "Lulu's Garden." I am the flower on the right, my brother is the center flower/heart and our older sister who died at birth is the folded heart on the left.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of room #1 of my Studio Suite. Come back anytime!

Stitch On!


Cathy K said...

Hey, that was a fun tour! Your stuff is well organized and MUCH NEATER than mine! Your descriptions were very clear, too. Enjoyed your post.
Hugs ```

NormaH said...

Wow LouAnne, what a neat room and I enjoyed the tour. This is kind of what I'm trying for but haven't quite made it yet LOL

LouAnne said...

Norma: Keep workin' at it. I actually enjoyed the process. Something is wierd when you enjoy organizing more than you enjoy cutting into all that lovely fabric I collected over the years, eh?