Friday, May 16, 2008

My Fabric Storage Room Uncensored!

Finally, you are probably saying to yourself! We have finally finished setting up the first room of my 2 room studio suite! Hey, I like that! I have a Suite! hmmmmm.

The photo below was taken from the doorway of what 23 years ago was my youngest daughter's bedroom. It's hard to believe this small 10 ft by 9.5 ft room held all the trappings of a pre-teen girl. After her older sister left for college, she moved into her sister's room which she thought was slightly larger. Slightly is the operative word. At best that room which is slowly becoming my workroom and the 2nd room in "my Suite", is about 10 ft by 10 ft.

From the door you can see part of the right wall which actually is lined with 4 tall bookcases. The top 3 shelves all along have various quilting cotton prints divided into themes which are written on those yellow cards you see sticking out. The bottom two shelves contain my binders of embroidery patterns and bundled UFO's.

Below the window in the center is a metal pattern cabinet which I purchased when a local fabric store closed down. The bottom drawer contains all my sewing and commercial embroidery patterns. The center drawer contains fat quarters of quilting fabrics. The top drawer holds miscellaneous craft supplies.

To the right of the pattern cabinet is a stack of 4 large drawers that each hold different items for crazyquilting. For instance, one holds all my metallic fabrics. On top of the pattern cabinet are 2 sets of little drawers - I actually have 3 of these - the third one is in the workroom. Next to them, on top of the 4 drawers is a new cabinet that I purchased last week at Home Depot. I'm waiting for the drawer dividers that had to be ordered and then I hope to consolidate all my "little things" into two of the new drawer units so that all my embellishments can be kept in this room.

In the center of this room you can see the cutting station that G built for me. I had this idea for some time and had hoped to have a larger one in a new home, but this will do for now. He bolted together 2 short bookcases back to back. Then we bought a white coated board slightly wider than my new cutting board and put it on top. You might be able to see that I have the cutting board clamped on so that it doesn't move. The extra width that isn't covered by the cutting board is great for laying notes, tools, etc. The back to back shelves of the base is handy and at present contain things that need my attention after we finish setting up the workroom.

Here is a picture taken from the corner to the left of the window. To the right of this picture is the doorway.
You can see above more of the themed fabric stacks, bundled UFO's and my downsized stash of Redwork, CrazyQuilt and Quilting books. On top on the left are plastic boxes which each contain different sized cuts of cotton squares and bricks. The suitcases on the top right contain linings, family quilt items and one of them is full of yellow crazyquilt fabrics. On top of the books are heavier fabrics for totes and purses.

Below is a picture taken from the doorway of my crazyquilt fancy fabric storage that is to the left of the pattern cabinet.
As you can see there are index cards in the front of each drawer with the color family name. On the bottom right you can also see that I am blessed with an OVER abundance of green fabrics. So much so that I cannot even close that drawer! I'm going to have to do something about that soon before they get dusty! On top of these drawers right now is a very unattractive naked board which will be dealt with later. On top the board is the ever present tv which is standing at the ready for when I spend loads of cutting time in this my Fabric Storage Room!

I have one other view of this room, but the picture needs to be turned and I can't figure out how to do that in Blogger's dashboard. So, I'm going to do a second post from Flickr where I have been able to turn the photo for you.

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Nancy said...

oh my...the green eyed monster just reared up his ugly head at my house. Your fabric stash is marvelous....

Wish I had two rooms.

Sharkeysday said...

Oooo, it's lovely! And this is your stash AFTER you whittled it down?


LouAnne said...

Yes, before we packed up to place my stash in storage I cut down a lot of my cottons to 1/2 yard. I sold off fat quarters, but it sure doesn't seem like I sold much, does it? LOL

Gail said...

Wow that is great LouAnne, look at all that wonderful fabric. Looking forward to seeing your workroom.

Diane said...

WOW, and I thought I had a good sized fabric collection. Way to go LouAnne!!! You need an entire room to store your fabric and you did a terrific job organizing all your treasures. Thanks so much for taking those photos and sharing your organizing tips. Hugs, Diane

susanm said...

You are so lucky to have 2 roomed suite. You sure have a large stash.
Enjoy the journey to get the "suite" in order to start messing around. hehehehe

Candi said...

Wow Louanne, you're room looks great! How lucky to have two rooms now! I just finished re-organizing my sewing room (actually I have to sew in the dinning room!lol) and what a difference it makes!

Gerry said...

AWESOME SPACE!'re not just a little spoiled, you are much loved!!!! LOL.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Oh, how lucky you are for having enough space to keep your stash!!! Thanks so much for sharing, you gave me great ideas to reorganize my little room:))
Happy stitching,

Sarah said...

it looks so nice and tidy! how nice for you to have two rooms. when do we get to see the other room?

Tip Junkie said...

What an amazing space and fabric collection. I featured your home depot apron tutorial today. Thanks for the inspiration!

PAULE said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. What a great place for your stash !