Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Final block of Chocolage DONE!

Well, there you have it! All 16 blocks of the Chocolage design set are done. In the next several days I will be working on the layout for the blocks. The Chocolage Design book includes a layout for a quilt top, being the contrary person I've always been, I will be doing my own "thing" with these blocks.

By way of answered some questions that have been asked about the fabric on which I did the designs, I want to say here that it is called "Alison by P & B Textiles." It's still available in a few places online because the other day I found some for someone who asked. I either found it by googling the name OR by putting the name in the Fabric Shop Search site. I am not sure which.

For this quilt top, I have a great chocolate themed fabric and 3 coordinates I will use. The blocks will be bordered with two of the colors that are in the theme print and I think the final layout will involve some very chocolate cornerstones. Of course once I get going with the graph paper, who KNOWS what the final product will look like?

Stay tuned & Stitch On!


piney cq said...

Gravy!!! Get ya unpacked and you're a stitchin' maniac!! Great job and congrats on finishing it up!! You ROCK!

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Wow I have loved watching these blocks, I may have to break down and do this one :) I can't wait to see the finial quilt !!