Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers
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Yesterday morning this is what I found waiting for me on the kitchen counter. What a guy! 41 years and still the sweetheart I knew him to be back when we were dating.

We actually celebrated with a dinner out at Olive Garden last Saturday night, so this was a good surprise. He actually bought the flowers the night before on his way home from his sub job and hid them in the garage!

I'm enjoying the flowers because Fall in our garden is rather drab. We have one tree that will change color later before Christmas. Mostly everything out there in the beds, both in front and back, just needs an incredible amount of trimming. I'm building up steam to get some of that done this weekend.

Meanwhile I'm stitching like crazy to catch up on the last couple round robin blocks from our local group's recent round robin. Then I have Leslie's Breast Cancer Wedding block to finish and get in the mail. I'm having trouble finding some heart motifs I KNOW I have here somewhere. Picture me going through drawers and boxes tossing stuff left and right!


Stitch On!


Virginia Janet said...
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Willa said...

Now those are flowers you can look and and feel CHEERED UP! I love 'em. I will live vicariously from all my friends really good men. At least I know they are out there!

Marie Alton said...

Awww...ya gotta love when your sweetie surprises you with something so lovely...what a guy!
Sentimental is so nice...even after so long a time together!

Pat Winter said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! How sweet,and beautiful flowers!