Friday, October 24, 2008

Round Robin work on Laura's Block

This is the 2nd of the two blocks I worked on for our local group's recent round robin. I was last to work on this block also. This picture is on a double run of cretan stitching I did with a varigated pearl cotton thread. Embellishment was done with seed beads and gold flower sequins I recently purchased from Cartright's.

Laura will be turning this block into a pillow for the couch in her newly decorated "Old World" style family room. It's really going to be a lovely pillow!

Below are 2 more picture of the work I did on Laura's block. The first is a row of hearts and alternate designs I did in the center are of her block. The hearts are made of fly stitches. The 2nd is a seam with herringbone stitchinig decorated with straight, fly and detached chain stitches.


Pat Winter said...

Beautiful stitches!

GailM. said...

I've been browsing your site. I really enjoy your work especially your monthly projects. I'm quite a new crazy quilter. I must say, you have the nicest spiders that I've seen. Do you do a little tutorial on them? They're sweet.

LouAnne said...

Gail: If you belong to the CrazyQuilter's International group, you can find my tutorial on spiders in the file section. Also, if you read the Online CQ magazine, which has a current issue out right now, if you go to the previous issue, I did an article on spiders and webs. Hope you see this comment; I could not find any other way to answer your question. smiles, LouAnne

GailM. said...

Thanks very much. I'll go look at them asap. I'm in deep on a Christmas Sock and I still haven't done my spider. The timing of this is so perfect... thanks thanks thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm going over to see your picture albums, but I wanted to leave a message to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these pictures of your seams. Beautiful work!