Monday, August 03, 2009

And now back to stitching.....

Wish my baby girl had warned me she was taking our picture with her phone as she and her family pulled out of the drive to leave for the Grand Canyon. I would have sucked in my tummy! LOL..... I just realized that you can see her in the rear view mirror!

It is SO quiet here today. Not that they were noisy-they were not at all, but having others in the house is so different for G and I. I have kept busy today so that I won't become weepy. Yesterday when we all went to the local flea market, a lady there donated an office-paper box full of fabric to our Blankie project. All but 2 pieces tested as cotton, so today I've been running little color loads and drying them on my rack outside. We're having a nice breezy day and it's just over 80 degrees, so it's very pleasant. See the fabrics fluttering in the breeze?

Also yesterday I bought 2 of the cutest little vintage baby shirts. They are both white with very dainty embroidery and the sweetest little mother of pearl buttons. They open up the front just right of the center so that you could open the shirt, lay the baby down on it and then button them into it. I venture to say they are from the 1940's. The reason I say that is they are very similar to a couple baby dresses of mine that my Mum saved. She once told me that the dresses were available in the dime store for stitchers to embroider and her friend Lena Larson gave them to me when I was born. If I can remember where those dresses are tucked away, I will post a picture of them. Meanwhile, here are the baby shirts I bought for $1 each!

I've no idea of why I fell in love with these baby shirts. They made me smile and my granddaughter, who is 5 and loves pretty things, liked them too. I'm sure that there are no more grandchildren in our future, so perhaps I will clean and add these to the great-grandchild hope chest!
I'll go look for those dresses!
Stitch On!

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