Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Found My Baby Dresses

My Baby Dresses
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I found the baby dresses of mine from the 1940's that I mentioned earlier. When I was a little girl my baby dolls used to wear these too and my very favorite was the one in front with the ribbon trim. My Mum's friend Lena Larson even did that sweet crochet around the hem of that one just like she did on the neck edge. I imagine Mum had a good deal of fun dressing her long-awaited and only baby girl up in these dresses.

I know that I dressed me eldest daughter in these dresses but am not sure about the other 2 girls who were 7 and 12 years younger than she was - still are! LOL

Getting these out, pressing them and putting them with the ones I bought for $1 each at the flea market gave me an idea. I think I'm going to use them somehow as a valance on one of my windows. I went today and bought a brass curtain rod. All the windows in this house are the same size (strange I know), but I probably will put them in the fabric room window. It is the only window that doesn't get any direct sunlight. I may not leave them up forever, but I've enjoyed seeing them again so much and will enjoy looking at them everyday for a little while anyway.


Cathy K said...

What sweet baby dresses! Thanks for sharing. I have my christening gown hanging in the frou-frou guest room, so I know how you feel about your dresses! Hope all is well with you & G. Hugs, Cathy

LuAnn said...

It is nice to "see you" in the photo. If you sucked in your tummy you would look different than the rest of us. The baby dresses are wonderful. Glad your family came to visit. I understand that weepy feeling. Take care.

Nicki Lee said...

Ah, How sweet to have those memories brought back. A friend of mine just made the most incredible quilt using all baby clothes and hats - if you are interested I can get a picture to send you.

Anonymous said...

i just ran across your blog and saw the lovely dresses. I have a lot of them that were mine when I was a baby and I too love them. I recently washed each one and ironed it and put it in it's own plastic bag for safety. I hope to find a great place to display them in the future.