Friday, November 20, 2009

Bias Baby Blanket

Bias Baby Blanket
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Earlier this year I knit this bias baby blanket which was REALLY fun to knit. I've just now gotten around to tucking in the ends of joined skeins. I had blocked it in the early summer and then set it away out of site when our children were visiting.

It has the neatest picot type edge built into the pattern, so there's no finishing except for tucking and blocking. I wasn't able to get it blocked into an exact square, but the gal whose blog I found the pattern on said " i hope you understand that this blanket was not intended to be square in shape, so if you are blocking it to maintain a square shape, it may naturally take on a more elongated diamond with use - i would encourage you to simply let the shape be what it wants to be, as baby blankets tend to be folded and wrapped all the time anyway.
Also, depending on the yarn/wool you chose to work with will impact the outcome of the finished piece."

So, I'm ok with it's slightly wonky shape. I think it would be nice to cover a baby in a carrier or carseat. Even maybe it would work nicely in a bassinet. She told me that one she gave to a friend's baby has been laundered many times and is still looking great.

If anyone is interested, the pattern can be found at JC's website which is here. When you get there, click on "Knitting patterns" and then scroll down to find the Bias Blanket knitting pattern. Oh, and I didn't use the yarn she recommended in the pattern. I used Caron's Simply Soft in color "Baby Bright Ombre". It's very soft.

If you give this pattern, I think you will find it..... Fun!


Anonymous said...

As a retiree, I really enjoy reading about your recipes and your knitting.

I would love to knit this Bias Baby Blanket you knit, but have been unable to locate the pattern as the website you gave is no longer available.
I even tried the Way Back Machine but still no luck.
Any ideas where else I might find the pattern?

chloe eholc77(at)aol(dot)com

LouAnne said...

I have updated the link to the pattern. JC reorganized her website some and the link should be correct now.