Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guess what I found

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No, it's not the empty plastic shoe box that I've been looking for going on 2 hours now. I have it's lid here, but can't find the box! Perils of aging I suspect.

Walking around the yard though on this chilly day, I discovered that my paperwhite bulbs are blooming! I suspect in colder areas of the US, these don't bloom until early Spring, but here in California they are a late Fall treat.

SOME people pot these bulbs and give them as gifts at the Holidays and they are a nice fragrant surprise when they bloom in January. Someone gave me a pot of them years ago and I enjoyed them so much during gloomy winter days when the skies were gray for days on end.

Well, now I must get back to finding that box, sewing on my daughter's skirt and I also have two pillows to assemble.

Hope your weekend has gone well......

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Carol said...

I loved reading your blog this morning. Roads are closed and I'm locked in due to the marathon - won't be able to get out until after 10am - so I'm enjoying coffee and reading your blog.

I live in Fair Oaks, between Sacramento and Folsom.

My paperwhites started blooming before Thanksgiving, too!

Seems earlier than usual. My mother always said that if they bloomed before New Years, it was a sign of good luck in the coming year. They almost always bloom before New Years!
Anyway,I love to pick them and bring them inside. They will easily spread without any effort and they are such a treat this time of year!