Monday, November 23, 2009

One Pillow Finished

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This is one of the pillows I think I mentioned that I was making. This one will go up North with us on Thanksgiving for my #2 granddaughter who graduated from high school last May. I didn't do this before her graduation, as I did for her sister, because I thought perhaps she would rather have the embroidery on a totebag instead of a pillow.

When offered the choice, she chose a pillow and it's taken me some time to get it finished.

I used this design for her older sister, my #1 grandchild, and I plan to do one for each of the remaining 5 grands as their graduations approach. I will try to use the appropriate school colors as I have with the first two. I have 3 years I think before I need to do another one.

So, now I'm off to work on a skirt I promised I'd make for our eldest daughter - where we are going for Turkey Day.

Time's a-wasting!

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Sweet P said...

I love this pillow! What a great graduation gift.