Monday, June 05, 2006

Been Busy!

Playing with Ozcraft Dyes
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Today I let my hair down & had some fun playing with my Ozcraft Dyes. I had some basic white motifs here that came in this challenge packet and they didn't fit on the project anymore. The 2 pieces at the bottom were left natural colours but the rest of the pieces I antiqued. That rose in the upper left area is a crocheted motif made, I think, from Knit-Crosheen. I wasn't sure it would take the dye very well, but it turned out lovely.

The pieces that look more peach than pink are for my next project which is a pillow for a friend who did G and I a huge favor. I hope she likes it.

Back to Stitching and Beading on the window panes!

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piney cq said...

Ohhhhhh!!!! Yummmmmm!!! I LOVE all of em! Great job!! I need to send mine to you to do! Giggle!!! Seriously, I really like all the motifs and colors!