Sunday, June 11, 2006

Window on Spring

Well, I talked G into holding the pieced front of this project so I could get a picture. I still have to prep the backing, hanging sleeve and binding tomorrow, but the front is done. I'm very happy with it. The backing is a printed cotton with the same shade of beige as the borders on the front. It is printed to look like crackled paint.

I'm thinking I may stitch "in the ditch" around each window pane before I bind this quilted wallhanging. I also have prepped a personalized silk label for the back.

Heck, I'm so proud of this, I feel like putting the label on the front! LOL!

I'll be taking more pictures with my GOOD camera tomorrow including some closeups too. If I'm going to send this off into the world and never see it again, I want lots of pictures to remember it by.

I sure hope my "challenge partner" likes what I've made. I know it's something that I would like to receive. And, isn't that the whole idea of these challenges? Aren't we supposed to make something WE would like to have?


Allison said...

It is beautiful!
I think stitching in the ditch around the panes is a good idea, too.

Valeri said...

This is lovely LouAnne! Something I'd like to receive certainly so I think your challenge partner is very lucky!

piney cq said...

Wow!! You did a super job! I LOVE seeing all your special touches with stitch combos and beads! Sorry bout your hands....going thru that too. Hang in there! Great work! Your partner is oneeeee lucky person! :_)

Ribbonwiz said...

This is lovely LouAnne..
I think stitching in the ditch around the panes is perfect..
I would love to receive this..your
challenge partner will love it I'm sure..