Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Upper Right Window Pane DONE!

Upper Right Window Pane
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Even the Beading is done! Had to take a break from the work on #3 and #4 blocks to give myself the satisfaction of actually having #2 totally done.

And now, would you believe, I have noticed that I missed a seam in the blue sky at the top. Imagine if you will 3 fly stitches done vertically with chain stitch anchors. That's what I intended to do and WILL do as soon as I log off this computer!

My dh is making fun of my "barely blooming" tree, but time is awasting and I told him it's just a hint of what the beginning of Spring would look like. HEY! It's my work and I'll do it however *I* want!, Right?

The blossoms and tiny leaves on the tree are done with pearl cotton because I'm having problems right now with my hands and cannot manage to pull silk ribbon through this block. I started with SRE, but had to give up before doing much at all.

I added the two faux seams in the large expanse of green silk noil hillside and I'm glad now that I did. I think it balances the block.

And stay tuned for Pane #3 where you'll see the hillside continued

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