Monday, July 31, 2006

July Theme BOM

July Theme BOM
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I found this cute image in my Holiday binder that is full of images I've printed off from internet sites over the past years.

I'm doing these blocks with crayon work which I do before I start the outline embroidery. Each is pictured with the fabric which I plan to use for the block's border.

At first I planned to put all of these blocks together into a wallquilt, but now I think I may make individual display items out of them. Recently I found an article about making individual themed blocks and displaying them by slipping them over one of those clear acrylic free standing counter frames.

You border the block and back it, leaving the bottom open like a pillowcase. Then it's simple to change each month. We have an antique cabinet in our home's entryway and I think this would a fun thing to display there.

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