Monday, July 31, 2006

My Bag Is Back!

My Bag Is Back!
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In the challenge I was involved in that is mentioned in previous posts, this is the item that I got back made from the items in MY bag. Isn't it wonderful?

It was made by my good friend & Omaha roomie, Mona Berning, to whom Willa secretly sent my bag! I just love it and it's hanging right now in a place of honor in our hallway.

As usualy you can click on the picture and read more details about the fabrics I sent.

Mona hurt her hand before she was able to embellish the blocks very much and has told me she wants me to do more work on it. For now I love it just the way it is, but I've saved the bag of leftovers and may, at some point in time, do that. I think I might also piece a small throw pillow for the bed to match the wallhanging.

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Willa said...

You would not believe how hard LouAnne tried to finagle who had her baggie. We lied.. & it was fun!