Monday, July 31, 2006

Katie the Younger

Katie the Younger
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And this is the girl herself on her favorite perch. The windowsills in our home were made extra wide years ago by my husband because I used to raise African Violets.

In 1996, when we inherited Katie after our daughter moved to Missouri to attend grad school, she, one by one, "did in" the violets. Finally I surrendered and gave away the remaining plants to an elderly lady who loved them. The sills have been Katie's domain ever since.

When she arrived at our home she was not greeted with much kindness by our elderly indoor/outdoor cat, Annie the Elder, a very un-cat-like tuxedo kitty. So Katie, having never been outside, took over the house and protected it with vigor. They communicated every morning, nose to nose, at the laundry room door, after which Annie would dart out into her big beautiful yard.

However during Annie's last days, when she needed our constant care, Katie became very concerned with Annie and even shared her foot of the bed with her.

After she was gone, everytime the laundry room door was opened, Katie dashed over to look out and try to find Annie. It was cute, but heartbreaking for us. We still miss our Annie the Elder, but Katie has developed into the 2nd most wonderful, clever, affectionate companion we've ever had.


Sharkeysday said...

Our kitties were the same way. Harry really worried about Dodger...and he and the dog were a mess in her final days (hours). But we're about to add a new wish us luck on those introductions.

Deb said...

Lovely story. Thank you for sharing it. Enjoyed my visit to your blog.