Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marvelous Find!

Marvelous Find!
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I was so excited to find this crocheted mother of pearl button trim at an obscure little quilt shop on a recent trip to Nevada. Because it was $16 per yard, I just purchased one yard.

I have crocheted since I was a very young girl so I intend to see if I can figure out how to do something similar with the 100's of vintage mop buttons I have. The trim obviously is made with new 2-hole buttons and every other one is a flower shaped button.

The shop had a pretty patchwork jacket on display that had this trim applied to the bottom edge and it was very striking!

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Anonymous said...

That's some very special trim for a very special project. I love it!

About the glass pearl beads, if you search 50 Czech Glass Pearls-#454-Purple, Pink, Lavender Mix on eBay you will find them.

I've posted a photo and description of the Battenburg doily on my blog too. Thanks for looking!